Just want to chat

Hi I recently had a smear and was told I had low grade cell changes and was sent for a biopsy, the results from the biopsy came back after 4 weeks with high grade CIN 3 so had to go in two weeks ago for a leep the nurse didn’t say much to me and I didn’t ask any questions… only that I should hear back in 4-6 weeks!! As everyone here know the waiting time is the worst and I have been unwell recently constantly feeling tired, no energy, ear aches, tummy pain and also my tummy is tender to touch… has anyone had this? I didn’t mention it at my appointment as I just wanted to get in and out but I wish I went prepared with more questions!!! Anyone free to chat with the same experience or any knowledge?

I did not get leep but I got cryo for CIN 1 and CIN 2 lesions. I was feeling exhausted, anxious and pain in my leg. I think it was psychological. I’m waiting for the next smear which is on Feb. I still have 2 months. I’m trying not to think so much but of course I’m thinking all day. I eat healty and take Ahcc. Also, I got Gardasil 9. I hope I will clear it. Which type of hpv did you have? I think if your smear is low grade, the pathology is not bad.

They didn’t say which strain it was just that it was high grade CIN3 ?

It’s just a long time to get the result but you have to wait. Do you have any symptom?

Iv had fatigue but that may be because I have two children? Before my smear I had a miscarriage and I don’t know if these results are anything to do with that? I have no energy most of the time, tummy pains to the extent it hurts to touch… did you have any symptoms?

how often did you have a smear test? Tummy pain could be related to the leep procedure but you can ask your doctor.

Have you ever been HPV positive? I had just once small bleeding after sex and then go to doctor. I had lsıl smear and hpv 53 positive.