Just waiting...

Hi everyone,

I am a 25 year old and back in April had my first smear which came back with HG CGIN and CIN3- they treated me with the loop under LA and I was told that they were happy with the results but I will need to go back for a colposcopy every 4 months for 5 years.

After my chat with the consultant (sharing a lot of family medical history) he told me I am very high risk. He was wonderful but I can't help feeling like I am waiting now for potentially the next 25 years to receive the worst possible news as it is inevitable.

Has anyone experienced these types of feelings?

The medical treatment I've received has been fantstic and the physical procedures have not bothered me but I can't quite get over this feeling that I've almost resigned myself to a diagnosis.

These boards have been such a help for me over the past few months so a big thank you to everyone.


Ros x

The main point here is that you are being checked regularly - if there are any changes to the cells they can be dealt with and sorted.  It is my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong!?) that CC can take a long time to develop - if you're being kept an eye on, it won't be given the opportunity to develop?

Pleae note though that this is only my understanding of it, i'd recommend you speak with your doc and tell them your fears, they'll be able to give you a more comprehnsive response than I've been able to :)