Just the biopsy....

Hi everyone,

I went for my colposcopy today after a couple of weeks of having rearranging due to coming on randomly. I fly to Australia two weeks today, so it got to a point where I would have been pushing it in terms of flying and recovering. The doctor decided that because the area of abnormal cells was so large, he didn’t want to do a lletz today and just took a biopsy. On one hand, great, because now I can enjoy Australia without avoiding water/anything active, on the other hand, its messed up my training plan for a charity bike ride in May! But anyway, the biopsy was fine, I didn’t feel a thing when he clipped it. But I’m pretty uncomfortable now from all the prodding. I’m just wondering, as anyone else had to split the appointments and how were you after just the biopsy? I’ve heard someone say that they still felt sore a few days later, but with how I’m feeling right now, I reckon I’ll be fine tomorrow, but I just wanted to get another opinion before I start getting too confident!


i had a biopsy on Monday, felt a bit sore and uncomfortable for  good part of the day after but since then I've been fine!! No pain or discomfort and not a lot of bleeding.

hopefully you will be the same!


I had my treatments split too. I had lletz last Monday as a result of what the biopsy (2 weeks before) found. I was uncomfortable for the first 36 ish hours following both procedures. Very minimal bleeding. Hope you're pain eases soon xx