just started treatment, hello

Hi all, Ive literally just created my account and logged in today as this site is so good and reading some posts from you all has really really helped me, thank you! As the subject says, Ive just started my treatment. I was diagnosed on 6 December after a routine smear mid November couldnt be taken, they could see the tumoir but said it was an obstruction and referred me for a colposcopy. Ive had so many smears in the last twenty odd years which were all clear that this came as a huge frightening shock. Im 42 and have a beautiful one year old baby conceived after many years and he really is my little miracle. No symptoms as I was still breastfeeding and hadnt had a period since before the pregnancy. Id had a little bleeding a few times in the year but just spotting so didnt think anything of it. The colposcopy didnt happen as they mistakenly sent me to a gynae cons who took one look and then called a cons oncologist who advised her to taken biopsies. I was beside myself and ciried during the procedure despite her reassurances to be positive if I could. That was the day before my little boys first birthday party, so surreal.  Fast forward and a week later and am told its cancer and sent for an MRI and then an oncologist cons. He is quite amazing and has pushed the treatment planthrough so quickly, I had the MRI on christmas eve and a PET scan on nye and then finally the results, isolated tumour 4cm on edge of cervix with two types of cancer which he said was rare, one is small cell and agressive, but it hadnt spread, he also said I had only had it for possibly just six months! how can this happen?? how can 3 year screening help at the wrong time? he believes its curable and ive started chemoradiotherapy and will have brachi at the end, six weeks....now on day 9 of treatment and suffering but feeling positive. Im now bleeding fresh red blood, is this usual?? help!

Hello..I've also just started radiotherapy I'm on my 11 th one today. My cancer was also rare showed some cells in it which are associated with lung cancer didn't ask anymore questions after that also it wad high grade. I was lucky enough to have a tlrh because my tumor was only 3 cm. This site has been a great source of info stopped ne googling which was not a good idea...anyway I wish you well on your treatment and recovery..xx

hello, thankyou for your speedy reply, wishing you all the best on treatment too and a speedy recovery! Im the same, grade 3 and the cancer found in lung cancer, it was frighening to hear as you know. hope you feeling well so far and recovered from your op xx

Yes I've recovered well from the op..the effects of the rt are just starting to kick in..not nice lol. I was lucky not to need chemo. Yes hearing about the tumor was very.scary infact it still is I keep thinking am I going to ge  Lung cancer now. Silly I know but very hard not think thing's sometimes I wish they had not explained it to me xx