Just some advice pls ️xx

Hi ladies. I hope you are all well and enjoying life to the full. 


Yesterday I got my colposcopy results confirming stage 3 pre-cancerous cells. I had the Lletz treatment and the same time, but the nurse has said that they cannot confirm if all the cells were removed as there was so much. I have to go back for a follow up smear in four months. 


Have any of you had the same results?  I feel like cancer is teasing me and saying "I'm here waiting, ready to pounce!" And it just feels like an endless battle of emotion. 

Thank you in advance for your support xxx


Hi Tracymross82,

Good news they were able to carry out the treatment in the same appointment as the colposcopy. I am sure the nurse explained everything but just in case... they will send the removed tissue away to the lab to make sure at the edges of the tissue there are no abnormal cells. This is clear margins, if the margins are not clear then I am sure they will call you in for a follow up much sooner than 4 months. Whilst the nurse wouldn't have been able to confirm with you at the appointment that they removed all the cells it is a good sign they chose to treat it with LLETZ as this means they were confindent they could have a successful result without making you go through a more extensive LLETZ or Cone Biopsy under GA.

I hope this helps. I know the waiting game is the worst but try and relax. Perhaps in a couple of weeks call the clinic and ask if the pathology has returned and if you had clear margins. If you do then you can rest easy that cancer is definately not ready to pounce. ;)