Just recieved my results letter

Hello all, I have just had my first smear 34yrs old 35yrs old tomorrow. When i went for my Smear last Monday the nurse told me that i have a nabothion cyst and errosion on my cervix and to mention this at my gynae appointment on the 10 june ( have this due to having pain on my left side and ultrsound showing nothing). Well the results letter has now landed on the doorstep this morning and it say i have high grade (severe) dyskaryosis…im now in a complete panic…the letter also says i have had an appointment arranged for colposcopy and will receive that appointment soo…alot of panic. Do i cancel my gynae appointment or still go along? really confused and in limbo now.

Hi hun sorry its took me a while to find anything but spam! Try not to worry I have had stabbing pains bleeding and had ultra sound scan found nothing except a fibroid on my cervix. I too had this terrifying letter I had my colposcopy and seriously don't worry about this you build it up to be awful in your head and I honestly didn't feel a thing. The waiting game is awful! This site has been amazing for me from start to finish I don't think I would of got through this without the lovely ladies and here I am 8 weeks since my smear colposcopy and I'm totally fine so try not to automatically think the worse I know with me because of my pains this made me terrified and I'm sure you are exactly the same big hugs hun xx