Just received my results

How long did it take for your appointments to be booked after receiving results?
I’m the sort of person who freaks out very easily about things, and have had a hell of a 2016 already. So I’m already a mess emotionally.

this was my first smear test and I’m not used to be referred for other appointments with results… usually I’m lucky and have the all clear when ever I get tests done.

The letter said if I don’t hear within 14 days to get in touch, but its been less than a day and I’m already losing my mind

Hi kitty,

i received my appointment letter for a colposcopy the following day after my swear results (the appointment was changed again but still not over sure why). If you had a severe abnormality result, you'll be seen within 2 weeks. If it was borderline or low grade then it will be within 6 weeks. Xx