Just need true facts I have CIN 3 plus they have now found something else higher up is CIN 3 cancer please help

very new to this site (first post) but I haven't a clue were to turn or what all this means my smear results came bk as abnormal CIN 3 was booked in for loop excision but they couldn't do it as they told me it was too big or deep and would need to go back in for a cone biopsy under general annerstetic , in between waiting for my appointment a day later had to see go as they had some results from an ultrasound scan a few weeks previous which she said they found something on my left side from what she explained on a diagram she said above the cervix :'(  so that afternoon got phone call iam in for pre op Tuesday and the op on thurs I been having pain also aswell more now but only few more days to wait , what I want to know is if I was confirmed CIN 3 but too large / big to carry out loop and now showing further up am I write to think its prob the next stage what is the next stage ? , have I got cancer ? Have I not got cancer ? These are what's going round my head , thought maybe hysterectomy if it comes to it that's fine with me just got to do what ever it takes to get it gone is ther anyone knows what iam on about :'( , thanks for reading x

Hi Clare,

I'm afraid I can't answer ur questions as do not know, neither do drs until they have done the cone and biopsies hence this weeks appointment. CIN 3 is not cancer but can lead to cancer. Only the biopsy can confirm anything for u one way or the other, I am afraid. Hopefully it is CIN and they can cut all the bad cells out for you then you will be kept under 6 mthly checks. If it is cancer, then the cone procedure may be all is needed if very early stages, if not a trachelectomy or hysterectomy. This is unlikely though. Remember, most people who go for colposcopy and biopsy do not have cancer. There can be other explanations such as cysts, etc. Fingers crossed for you love, try not to worry too much about it. Do remember there will be a wait for ur results so try to keep busy. Do not google, come back on here to read stuff instead. Past posts are always very helpful.

good luck xxx


Thankyou soo much iam feeling much better xxxx

Good luck for Thursday xxx hope staff been able to put ur mind a bit more at ease at the pre op today x

Thank you very much ladies all went ok it's been a week today since I went in for op just awaiting the results iam still unsure what went on in op if they took out cyst or not as consultant didn't come bk to me afterwards it was just nurses