Just need to rant to people who feel my pain!

Hi ladies,


So lovely to have this forum here. Really makes me feel better about things.

I had my LLETZ thirteen days ago, now i've always considered myself able to take on anything but... The whole experience was traumatic for me and of course, things that werent supposed to go wrong went wrong, and I've been pretty wiped from the whole thing.


Now that everything has been back on track and normal, I am sooo sick of not having a bath, of feeling gross, the worries in the middle of the night of getting an infection, of not having sex with my fiance ( This is the longest we've not DTD :( ) I am now also getting the horrible (TMI, sorry) black grain stuff that I was told I was going to have and it's making me feel even more miserable.


I don't understand how they don't tell you how big of a deal it's going to be for some of us women, we deserve cupcakes and balloons.


Also the biggest thing, waiting for results is horrible!

Hi freyja

I feel your pain i had lletz 7 days ago and have felt rough all week ive found out today i have an infection so feel really crapy and im well and trully fed up. Cupcakes sounds great we do deserve them  for what we go through xx

Hi there ladies, 

Just a bit of reassurance -i understand totally how you both feel . It will take time but you will come out the other side of it and you will feel better. It just takes time. I knew nothing when I had my treatment - and what to expect.  I had the infection- the constant worry is awful. Get loads of rest, be nice to yourself and have little treats. Things do get better. Wishing you the best xx

I know!!!! This whole not DTD thing is a nightmare  haha.... but what is really meh* about it all is the fact that I feel  less womanly! I don't  know if you agree? There is soooo much taboo  about our pelvic region that we dread to talk about it to anyone with anything more than Urr urmm had tests. Got treatment. Now infected... i am glad we can be honest  if not over share with our vaginas "journey" :o after this traumatic invasion  on our cervixes  (I am not sure what to call the plural of cervix right now haha) I have never spoken so much of your new found frenemy :S just trying to remain upbeat about it more than anything! 

I want my balloon to say get well soon south of the boarder... i don't know if it will fit on one balloon  but I deserve someone to at least try :L haha x

ha ha this made me laugh so had to reply - totally agree that treatment for CIN and whatever else has a massive emotional impact apart from the physical one, and I don't think anyone understands unless they have been through it.

I was so lucky after Lletz that I experienced almost no symptoms but still had to wait the 4 weeks!  Now I am 2 months off the 6 months repeat smear and since I didn't have clear margins I am sure it will be back, and on to the merry go round we go again.

I hope you get your balloon Natalie!!


Lots of love