Just need a little bit of help.

Hi, this is probably going to be awful as i am doing this on my phone. Sorry in advance. I am only 21 and been made an urgent appointment at the hospital to see someone about my symptoms. Now I hope I am not coming across like a silly little girl but im not sure if my symptoms actually mean anything. I just need to know whether I should go to this appointment orc cancel so someone who really needs it can go. I had been suffering from bleeding after sex for around three years, yet everytone i went to the doctor they said it was just my age, std (which tested negative all seven times) and infection (once again always came out negative). But they never bothered to follow it up. over thee xmas period and up until now I have been doubled over in pain to the point I have fainted a couple of times, weird black discharge which I think is blood, really sore thighs and the weird bleeding. I don't know what to do, I don't want to waste anyone's time. Im really scared because I haven't told anyone, not even my boyfriend of five years just because I don't want to worry anyone for something that may be nothing. Should I still go to the appointment?


Look love

You are worried...trust your gut and go to the appointment. Do not let anyone make you feel you are wasting their time either.

Your symptoms  whatever your age needs investigated and may be nothing but don't be fobbed off xx

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Kath xx


Thank you so much for replying, I just needed somebody to tell me I wasn't silly. Thank you so much!!!!


You are not silly. At all. various things could be causing your symptoms, so don't automatically think the worst. However, our bodies are really clever at hinting when something needs attention, and you would be doing yourself a disservice not to go.

I can understand why you may feel worried about telling anyone. It sort of makes it all the more real, but they would want to support you and be there for you. Having things like this checked out can feel worrying and a bit lonely. Tell someone if you can, and have them come along and hold your hand, it will make you feel so much better

Wishing you all the best


Hi Tasminx

Great name! :-) You are not silly, not one little bit. If someone has gone to the bother of making you an urgent hospital appointment then it may well mean that you are the person who really needs it. I can fully understand that you haven't wanted to tell anybody about it (not even your boyfriend of five years) because having other people around you making a lot of fuss makes it much harder to think clearly for yourself. And it is quite apparent that you don't want anybody thinking that you are a whinger or a fraud. Do please go along to this appointment. With any luck it will turn out to be something trivial which can be easily fixed and you can maintain your silence if that's what works best for you. But if it does turn out to be something a little more sinister you'll be really glad you went.

Be lucky