Just like me

I am here, I'm sorry I'm here and I'm sorry you all are too, but I'm so so glad to have found you. 

Already after reading just a few threads I feel less alone. 

I'm in the waiting zone between being told I have cancer and knowing the stage. Have had biopsies and scans but no results yet. 

Have an appointment with consultant to discuss the results next Wednesday, then possibly more examinations under general anaesthetic the following week, so no treatment until the week after that. Of course, that all seems very slow. 

My imagination is going wild. I'm on the most violent emotional rollercoaster I've ever ridden. 

Thank you for being here. I think I'm going to need you, and I hope I'll be able to help others too xx

Hello nic 

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I'm sorry you have had to come but I'm sooo very happy you found us. 

As im sure you have read on many post replays that this part in this journey is indeed the worst. The funny thing about a cancer diagnosis is what it does to you mentally. We are conditioned to believe we are doomed because of this stupid word. Getting through this initial part is the hardest part. The accepting of many things, the fear And so much more. 

This is my advice to help you through this part of the journey. 

Stay away from goggle

stay busy as possible

get some fresh air everyday(walk, etc)

sleep(a rested mind can stay logical and deal with emotions )

start telling yourself every time you feel upset that you will soon be a cancer survivor !!!!

Also, do not be afraid to ask your dr for help at anytime during this as it is just as important to stay mentally healthy as it is to kill your cancer. 


Thank you, yes I did the googling thing and that scared me a lot!

The crazy thing about the mental side of it is that I have literally just finished a six month weaning off anti-depressants! It was hell so I'm determined not to go back down that route if possible. 

I'm trying to stay busy, then suddenly it hits me like a brick and I'll sob for five minutes and then I pull myself together and I'm all strong again!!!

Hi Nic,  

Welcome to the club that no one wants to be in!! Laughing

I completely echoe what lolli has said. Did they give you any indication of the staging? My only extra advice is to take that as it is and push any thoughts of it being worse away!! I went out of my mind and thought every ache was the cancer and then I found out the staging from scans was exactly as they thought. 

Be strog and think positive, try not to worry about the what ifs. 


I don't know the stage yet, have appointment on Wednesday with consultant. Have been told will probably need an examination under GA the following week to scope bladder and bowel and won't start treatment til the week after that!

I've forgotten how to sleep.

So scared. Not just of finding out the stage but also of the surgery and possible other treatment ☹️

Big hugs Nic...as everyone says, the waiting is by far the worse part. As soon as you get answers and a plan the stress will lift considerably. In the meantime please take loads of comfort and positivity from all the amazing ladies on here who have come out the other side fully cured regardless of the stage that they were diagnosed at...you're going to be ok! Xxx

Hi Nic, sorry to hear your news, but you couldn't be in a better place. Unfortunately, from experience, your treatment won't be that quick. You will need to be graded which is usually a combination of an EUA and MRI. These results are then discussed with a team. The team will then grade your cancer and come up euthanasia treatment plan for you. I was expecting everything to move as quick as you. I was diagnosed on 26th April, and then tests in between. I was officially staged on 10th May and then had surgery on 30th May. If you don't need surgery other treatment may start quicker but I would aim for about 2 -3 weeks from official date you are staged, not diagnosed. This will manage your expectation levels. The waiting is the hardest part of the treatment. I'm now waiting for results of my lymph nodes!  Good luck with your journey xxxxx the ladies on here are great!


so glad I have found this forum. I am also at the waiting stage to find out what my treatment will be. I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and have had an MRI scan, then a pet ct scan and now my mdt want another MRI with contrast before they make a decision. I am chasing this scan appointment all the time but getting nowhere. It is nice to know I'm not alone. I agree that positive stories from survivors are the best thing for me to read right now and I have fallen out with Dr Google completely. Can I ask who you all go to with your questions during this time because my consultant is a gyneacologist not an oncologist and seems very vague. He said he would get a cancer specialist nurse to get in touch but this hasn't happened yet. 

love to you all, Nicky