Just introducing myself

Hi everyone, my name is natalie, hope all is well, with everyone.

I have just been diagnosed with high grade changes and have my LLETZ booked in for 12th January. I'm 24 years old and somehow got a letter for my appointment 6 months before my 25th birthday. I'm a little worried about treatment as colposcopy hurt quite a lot, so would love to hear from anyone who's had the same treatment. Also was wondering if we get tests done on the removed tissue as my leaflet from doctor doesn't seem quite clear. thanks everyone x

Hi Natalie,

Yes, they do indeed test the tissue that they remove. I haven't had LLETZ but I've read a lot about it from women here who have. Apparently it can be done either under local or general anaesthetic. If you look around in this section of the forum you will find pages and pages about it.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivolin x