Just introducing myself :) (kids mentioned)

Hi I’m Lindsay I’m 29 have a 2 daughters Belle who is 6 and Darcie-Rae who is 7 months. I was diagnosed last thursday and have my MRI to find out the stage tomorrow. This has all come off the back of my first ever smear on Christmas Even and I’m heartbroken. Know I’m lucky to have 2 beautiful girls but always wanted another.

Hope to hear back from people who are going through the same and getting to know people.

Hi Lindsay,


just wanted to let you know that I have been through the same with 2 young boys I am 24 and even although I am lucky to have them I wanted 1 more. I was stage 2b and was diagnosed in April last year. I was treated with chemo/radiation and brachytherapy it sounded a lot scarier than it was I am now thankfully in remission. I am so sorry you had to find this forum however it is great for support and the whole way through my treatment it really lifted me every time someone got an all clear.


Yay sorry am using an iPad and it is a pain to write a post on here. You will have a tough few months ahead of you I can't sugar coat that for you, I haven't had a hysterectomy so can't advise you on that if that's the stage you get diagnosed with but there is plenty of women on here that can help. If you need any help or advice you can message me anytime. Will keep my fingers crossed for you that it's an early stage.

keep your chin up :-)



Sorry to hear your news. I was diagnosed 18th Dec and had a radical hysterectomy on 9th Jan following CT scan and MRI scan. Please message me if you have any questions. I have written a blog which charts the story so far....it's a bit sweary...just to warn you! http://helloverajuice.wordpress.com/ Have you had your MRI yet?



Sorry for the late reply my laptop packed up. I had the MRI and was confirmed was stage 1B2 but when they did the colposcopy they took over half the tumour away when they did the lletz so at present the tumour is just over 12mm by 5mm. I have my pre op on the 4th march and a radical hysterectomy on the 6th. They offered me the opetion of the trachelectomy to preserve my fertility but I couldnt take any more chances and just want it out of my body and to start getting better for my kids. I'm devastated I wont be able to have any more children as this has ade me and my husband realise we would have loved another. But onwards and upwards. Im so scared I wont wake up from the operation Ive written my girls and my hubby a letter each. 


I would love to do a blog but have no idea where to start. I also want to punch the next person who says how lucky I am to have my girls as if I dont already know that I thank my lucky stars everyday for them doesnt make it any easier the fact i cant have anymore. :( 

Thanks again for your replies. xx