just had my treatment

I have just had a large loop biopsy as treatment for cin1&cin2 as diagnosed in a colposcopy. I have just a couple of questions as i didnt ask at the hospital as i felt really strange after the local anasthetic. Firstly, the doctor doung the procedure caled anpther doctor in for second oppinion before he did the biosy....is this normal as it made me think something was really wrong. 

Also, i expected a tinyamount of tissue to be removed i dont know why, and the piece hw removed was about as big as a piece of cotton wool?! I was so shocked. I am so worried that the results are to going to show the worst. And the wait os unbearable 

Hello hecfna,

Sorry to learn of your worry...It's a very testing time to receive an abnormal smear but take comfort in the knowledge that it's not uncommon at all and cin1&2 are low/moderate grade changes and are extremely treatable. From what i understand having read lots of posts on here, if the abnormal area was particularly large then the procedure would have been carried out under general anaesthetic and even this doesn't mean cc by any means so don't worry about the amount taken.

I was told to wait 2-4 weeks following my LLETZ for results and today, having waited in a panic for 16 days I phoned the clinic and i think they sensed my desperation so checked my results over the phone with the Dr....She confirmed no cc was present and that i'd be required to return in 6 months as is routine. She didn't give me specific details as she said she'd already told me more than she should but wanted to put my mind at rest. Maybe you could try the same with your clinic after a couple of weeks? Hats off to all those strong women who wait up to 8 weeks for results...It's a horrible thing to go through!

Big hugs xx