Just had my surgery-report of a cone and lymph node dissection

Hello ladies!

I have just come home from the hospital yesterday and would like to share my experience of this surgery as I tried to find some posts about it earlier but there's not a lot of info out there, so hope this helps someone!
So, I had a cone and lymph node removal scheduled for Friday, arrived at the hospital at 7.30 a.m and had to wait for 6 hours to be taken down for surgery by which point I was nearly looking forward to it:))  I was weighed, given compression stockings to wear and was asked a few questions for the anaesthetic. I was unlucky to catch a cold the night before and had a runny nose, so they were a bit concerned, but thankfully decided to go ahead with it anyway. Once on a table I was first given something intravenous, my head started spinning after a while and it lasted for about 3 minutes after which I think I was given a mask and was out before I knew it-don't remember them asking me to count or anything like that.. Really easy and not scary at all, I was worried about that part before. Before surgery I was informed that I would be positioned with my head down during surgery, which gives a better access/angle as mine was done robotically with 4 incisions in the abdomen. I was warned that I might wake up swollen and have vision problems but none of that happened. I woke up in recovery room 4.5 hours later shivering as I was cold, but the nurse was by my side and she brought me extra blankets so I got warm quickly. I was told beforehand that it will feel like I was out for a few seconds only but I felt like waking up after a longish sleep, it did feel like some time has passed. My voice was really hoarse and the throat dry presumably from the tube they insert into the throat to help you breath while you are under. I was given some water and was surprised to find I had no catheter and almost no pain, was just sensitive around the abdomen. The nurse asked if I want some morphin to ease the pain, but I refused as I was not in a lot of pain.. Spent an hour in recovery watching the ceiling and chatting to the nurse, quite boring. Next thing I was taken to the ward and as it was already 8p.m the night nurses came and checked on me again asking if I wanted stronger pain relief but I refused again. After all the water drinking I had to go to the toilet of course so got up with my boyfriends help and walked myself to the bathroom-it was ok, just felt pressure and some pain from the gas. So basically I spent 1 night at the hospital, got discharged next morning, have been sent home with paracetamol(every 4 hours), ibuprofen and codein( I took that before I went to sleep last night to help the cough-it's really really painful to cough) I was walking around the flat yesterday and took a shower myself today, so it's not bad at all pain wise, I already have much less gas. One of my incisions is quite painful, the rest are ok.. Oh, I was also sent home with 27 days stock of syringes to inject myself with to prevent blood clotting, that took some courage, but actually didn't hurt.
I have very very mild swelling in my groin, and tops of thighs, but am wearing support stockings constantly. Also a bit of numbness on one of the thighs..
So that's about it, I feel much better than expected and am surprised by that..
Now the wait for pathology report-that's the worst part!!

Hello Anna

Glad it all went well for you. I wish you a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed for the pathology report although i am sure all will be fine xxz

Hurrah for you Anna! :-)

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that that is the end of it.

Be lucky :-)

Fingers crossed Anna for a good report.