Just had my MRI

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to pick your brains… I’ve just come back from my MRI…
does anyone know how long I have to wait (approx) for results? They were really unhelpful :frowning:

And also…
I’m sure they moved me to take some images of my lungs… Obviously now I’m freaking!! And they would neither deny or acknowledge that they did it… Has anyone else had that?!


Emma xxxx

Hey Emma,

Glad you’ve had the MRI, noisy things aren’t they?! I had to wait a week for my results so the MDT could discuss them. I already had the appointment booked in to see the consultant before the MRI had taken place. I’d give your specialist nurse a call if you can just to put your mind at ease.

They moved the pad thing up on me too at the end, I think it’s just so they can get a good image. The radiographer told me before we started that they may have to do so. Like you I was convinced they were doing it to capture all of a massive tumour, but it wasn’t at all, they were just getting the full pelvis and abdominal area in.

Hope you’re getting on ok and enjoying the sunshine xx

Thankyou so much for your quick reply! It’s made me feel much better! It’s amazing how your brain just over reacts!
Just spoke to my nurse… The meeting is on Friday and she said she’ll phone me after, then i’ll go see the consultant the next week… so fingers crossed!

Thanks again :slight_smile:
And yes! I could get used to this weather xx

Hi Emma,

I think the staff in the MRI dept are nervous about freaking us out and don't realise that by being shifty they can do exactly that.

They do scan up to your chest when they do this diagnosis, well they did with me, not because they think there's anything to worry about, just to make sure they have taken a look at higher lymph nodes and so on. I had to do breath holding so they could get a clean picture so I know they were looking up there.

don't worry too much about it- it's just about them being thorough and making sure there are no nasty surprises later.

 Good luck with your results x

Hi RoseHip

That’s exactly what they did to me… I wanted to ask why but I was too busy hold my breath! And then when I asked at the end the nurse didn’t really have a clue.

Thankyou for your reply :slight_smile: it made me feel abit better about things! xx

Hi EmjJess,

In line with what the other girls have said, they made me move about too and take breaths so all pretty standard I would say.  I had about a week to wait for the results.   xxx

I also had a separate chest x-ray as part of my pre-op so don’t be alarmed if you have one of those too :slight_smile:

The nurse said they were just making sure they were dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s.


Thankyou ladies!
My nurse phoned me yesterday and although she couldn’t go into much detail she said there was nothing major on my MRI… And I’m off to see the consultant Mon 17th … MORE WAITING!!
Although I’m hopeful that having everything together now he would of called me in sooner if it was urgent? … Trying to feel positive! :slight_smile:
Hope you’re all ok xxxx

That's the spirit, stay as positive as you can! Don't be too worried if you have a wobble before Monday, it's natural and you'll be very scared.

I too had chest x ray - it terrified me and I was convinced i had lung cancer - turns out the Doc had asked for it to ensure i was fit enough to undego an op under anesthetic to remove the small cervical tumour I had, and take out lymph nodes for testing.

I wish you the best of luck for Monday, please keep us posted. Remember to ask about fertility preservation if at all possible.

Lots of love,