Just had my lletz...

Hi girls, I just wanted to post a positive post...

iv just had my lletz treatment at 9.30 this morning, I felt sick all morning worrying and panicking about it, I couldn't sleep last night, had an emotional breakdown yesterday. BUT... The lletz was totally fine ladies, honestly it really really isn't as bad as it sounds, I read that it's not that bad and I still thought noooo it will be bad I bet that lady was just brave haha. honestly tho I was so surprised it was over as quick as it was. I was laughing after with complete relief :) I think the colpscopy biopsy was worse to be honest and even that was ok. I took a scarf and put it over my face as i read you can smell the procedure :/ and I found that a huge comfort lit starting to cramp now but I should be ok. Also incase anyone else had the "ungradable CIN" biopsy result, I asked the consultant and he said mine was undecided between both CIN 2 and CIN 3 xxx

Totally agree with you, I had mine on Monday morning, and after weeks of absolute dread, I was almist pleasantly surprised by the procedure and now smooth and relatively pain free it was!

To to be honest, apart from a little discharge and some odd cramps, Ive been relatively fine afterwards. I can’t help but think that I’ve missed something and something bad is going to happen soon?

For the ladies that have had this done, have you experienced anything similar or does it seem that I have been lucky in terms of the aftermath? I’ve read about the bleeding etc once the scab falls off etc, usually about how long does this take?

Glad yours went well too :) the nurse this morning that the scab falls off usually around 7-14 days, then a new scab will form but smaller, and so on. So i think you will expect to bleed probably after about 7-14 days xxx 

The only bad point I found was that my consultNt wasn’t the most helpful or talkative in terms of care or information like this sort of thing. But I have found that this site has been really useful and reassuring. It’s hard sometimes as the boyfriend and people who havnt gone through it obviously find it hard to understand, so it’s nice to see and speak to others that are going through the same.

Fingers crossed that it stays this smooth! I came off the contraceptive injection about 9 months ago, so am just going through the return of periods which have fell in time with this whole thing!

Fingers crossed yours stays as trouble free!

Yes I agree iv found this site amazing and so helpful. It's all iv used over the past few months, everyone here is brillliant. I agree though its hard to deal with even though infact we are lucky in the way in which some ladies are not. Well I wish you the best of luck and if your consultant doesn't seem helpful dont let it put you off in asking questions xx xx

I don't think it was too bad either!  The worst part was that the anaesthetic made me shake like mad, though the nurse said that some people shake so bad they can hardly do anything with them!  I just laughed it off, felt fine after, not even any cramp!

Yes I thought the same though, she said "you may feel your heart race, it's normal dont worry" and if anything because my heart was racing n palpetating so much it kind of distracted me which is a good thing I suppose as I was concentrating on my heart haha. All in all I think now I worried too much because its not as bad as what I thought at all. I'm not saying that some ladies haven't had a horrible experience with a lletz, but I think we are all lucky to have had a ok experience. I have cramps now but not even bad enough to take tablets, but I'm due tomorrow so it may actually be period pains ready for tomorrow xxx

hello i had my lletz nearly 3 weeks ago... i've only in the last week started bleeding before that it was like a light brown discharge sorry for tmi... 

is that normal? Gem_gem i've been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and im currently on metformin as me and partner are trying for baby number 2

hope all you ladies are ok