just had my copolscopy

hi everyone

so i had my colposcopy this morning…i opted on going alone in the end.

i arrived and the lovely colposcopy nurse asked me a bit about my sexual and general health and also about my periods and how many pregnancies including any terminations or miscarriages.

she was very nice and kind and friendly thankggod as the receptionist was horrid.

there was a nice little cubicle (st marys hospital london ) in the room rhat had its own door inside their where sanitary towels wipes hand gel and tissues and of course the gown.

i had worn a jumper dress and leggins so her assistant nurse said i could just strip from the waist down so i vetoed the gown. (no NHS chic for me loool)

i then sat on coach with stirrups they had a nice poster of aquarium on the ceiling …she asked what she could do to make me comfy and what had helped in past smear (she was really lovely nurse)
i told her in my past smear my nurse had let me insert the speculum myself and i found this less invasive and in control, so she said i could do that after a lot of wriggling by her she found my cervix which we both where able to view on a screen.

The inside looked quite sore and red she appliied the acidic solution and all the middle inside off my cervix went whitish grey and looked quite ragged also a little bleed… upto now no pain.

she then asked if she could take a biopsy the first one didnt hurt but wasnt enough as in her words my cervix was quite slippery she told me to look away for the biopsy it bleed but she reminded me it was maggnified and was really just slight spotting… it was uncomfortable and scratchy and dull period ache sort of pain.

she told me it looked like a hpv infection and abnormal cells where probably just that and that she took the biopsys juust in case and i would have to wait for my results but all being well would be reffered back for follow up smear in 6 months.

now its a waiting game it did look quite nasty and concerned me most that all the inside ring showed up raggedy and grey white. im tempted to believe she was trying not to worry me.

i also forgot to mention i took my own sanitary towles and took two neurofen an hour before my appoinment just in case.

i hope this helps reading this and the hov anyone have the same experience at colposcopy did it end up being just that. it did look rather horrible.

Hi supermami 

Thanks for the insight as I have mine next week Tuesday I'm so frightened, can I ask what your smear results were? 


Glad your appointment went well. Hopefully the biopsy results dont take too long and you get good results x

Hi Sarah

i thought id share whole experience as I kmow its worrying. firm beliver the more you understand the less frightening it all is.

i had boderline abnormalities and High HPV
on my last smear.

good luck with yours…xx

helen how did it go with yours???
waiting game now…


Ok very similar experience 2 you. I know its only been a few days but the waiting is killing me. Ive been told my results will be upto 6 weeks because of xmas. Its nice to have someone that knows exactly what your going through to talk to x

hi Helen

it definately is good to chat to you guys i dont feel so alone with my worry friends who havnt experienced tend to just be like ahh it probably nothing, and that doesnt help ease the worry does it…i think they have told us 6 weeks because of christmas and we shall have to try keep it together till then

we shall play the waiting game and hopefully xmas will keep our minds of worry.

ive had some stringy brownish cream tissue like discharge ive read thats normal. sorry too much information right lol ( gross)

keep me updated and pm me if u want to chat one to one.

positive vibes