Just had my colposcopy...

So I've just come back from the hospital following my colposcopy.

I actually had a rather horrible experience as the colposcopist was actually quite rude to me and my partner.. Because I am gay she was basically saying that my symptoms were only due because of the kind of sex we must have.. and that my partner must be quite rough with me.. but said she would 'do the colposcopy anyway'.

When she started I could see my cervix on the screen and after she applied the solution my cervix went white and was bleeding when she was swabbing it. She then took a biopsy (ouch!) and kind of apologised, saying that she can see that my symptoms are not because of trauma during sex, and that she suspects I may have pre-cancer cells (but said she didn't think it would be cancer).

I just have a few questions...

1. I had my colposcopy at about 11.30 and it is now 14.30 and I have a bad tummy ache, is this normal?

2. She said that she 'doesn't think it's cancer' so does that mean that I probably don't? At all? Or can you not always tell by looking at the cervix?

I have to wait 6-8 weeks for my biopsy results to come back and I know it's going to be a horrible wait.

Sorry you had a bad experience: it seems completely out of order for a medical professional to make those comments! I think it's quite normal to have a bit of a tummyache for the rest of the day. If the bleeding is not heavy then there should be no need to worry. If it's intensely painful then do consider calling the colposcopy clinic back for advice.

Pre-cancerous cells are also called CIN, and they're not unusul and not a cause for alarm: CIN1 often goes back to normal by itself; CIN2/3 usually need treating. I don't think it's always 100% possible to rule out cancer by looking at the cervix, but it doesn't sound like she saw anything that made her worried. I think if she had, she would be rushing things through not making you wait. I would have thought that even it just looked like high-grade precancerous cells that need treating, she would have perhaps made the decision to offer to treat there and then, although I know different colposcopists/hospitals do things differently. If you are feeling panicky it might be worth having a GP appointment to chat about it just to put your mind at rest because it doesn't seem like you have been informed or communicated with very well at all! Did you get leaflets or anything at any stage? xxx

Hi Pineapple,

Thank you for your reply.

Luckily the tummy ache has gone down now and can't really feel it which is good.


Thank you for explaining about CIN, I wasn't told about it at all. The colposcopist was just talking to the nurse about their shift patterns and days off.. I wasn't explained why she was doing what she was doing, she just said things like 'I'm going to apply some solution it may sting' then went on to natter to the nurse, not explaining what it does or anything. Then she told me that she needed to take a biopsy and just done it without really telling me when she was about to do it! (Which in a way is probably good because if I knew when to expect it I probably would've been really nervous!)

She then told me she thinks it's pre-cancer cells and spoke about HPV, told me it's not due to trauma beacause of sex and that it is something to do with my cervix, she told me it would take 6-8 weeks for the results and then left the room!

When I was getting changed the nurse was in the room but I felt really shaken and because I wasn't given the opportunity to ask questions.. I didn't.

I wasn't given any leaflets either! Although the nurse did tell me to expect bleeding the next week.


I've noticed you have had 2 colposcopies, do you mind me asking how long it took for your results to come back?


Emily xx


Oh that sounds like a really negative experience when it didn't have to be :( When I've had my colposcopies the nurses and colposcopists have been lovely and been sure to keep me informed. I suppose you didn't go down the standard route of abnormal smear --> colposcopy so you didnt get posted the literature, but I really think it's very poor how you've been treated in general. I was warned exactly when my biopsy was to be taken ('on three') so that I could cough simultaneously which I think tricks your body into not feeling pain!

After my first colposcopy, the consultant told me that my results would be back 'in four weeks exactly', and then four weeks to the day a letter came through the door! I think he was deliberately specific because it probably helps people not to obsess because they know when it will arrive!! But this time, I had a different colposcopist (equally lovely) who has said four to six weeks. So I'm still waiting. But I do think this varies between local NHS trusts. If you look up the website of the hospital you went to then you would probs find the info on there somewhere - you could google the name of the hospital plus the word colposcopy and you would probably find a page with digital copies of the leaflets you should have been provided with!!! Which will hopefully provide some reassurance! Xx

Hi. I see you have already received some good advice and explanation. I just wanted to echo what was said before. The comments made by the colposcopist and the way you were treated are completely out of order. I would put a complaint through to the hospital. And at least, if you have to go back for treatment, depending on the biopsy results, ask specifically for a different colposcopist. I’m sending you a hug. It’s not a nice experience to go through at the best of times. But having to deal with such rudeness is appalling!

Hi Emjoxo

Sorry you got judged. They should really know better :-(

I had LLETZ and colpo at the same time so can't really say if my tummy pains (mild period like) were down to one or the other. Its not nice being poked around by strangers and the fluids they use can make you have a bit of watery discharge.

Hope you feel better and you get your results really soon

big hugs