Just had my colposcopy

So 5 weeks ago I got the dreaded letter  I had high grade and today I went for colposcopy , wasn't as bad as I thought , I had 3 lovely nurses and they put me at rest talking to me all the time! As my periods are very irregular I woke up this morning to find I had come on ( sorry tmi) was so upset as I thought I'd have to cancel but luckily I still could go! The doc said I had moderate and she took 3 biopsys and might need laser treatment , 

Is it quite normal for smear results to say serevere then it actually not be that bad ??????

 So now I'm playing waiting game - could take up to 8 wks 

Has anyone had same situation and  results come back very bad ????

Hope all you ladies are ok   xxxxxx

I also forgot to write I also have HPV virus but it wasn't explained

Hi Perrie I was thinking of you yesterday after you'd replied to my thread and you'd said your appt was Friday.

Glad it went ok for you, did they just tell you at the appt about the HPV or did it say in your letter? It doesnt say anything about it in my smear results letter and I'd never even heard of it until I read the leaflet that came with the letter so I don't know if I was tested for this at same time as my smear or whether it'll be done when I go for my colposcopy. I was also expecting to have treatment at the colposcopy appt as I've noticed a lot of people say they have.

8wks is such a long time to wait for the results! Hope they come back sooner for you. When I rang the hospital to check for cancellation appt I asked how long it would take for biopsy result if I have one and she said up to 4wks so maybe depends on area.

Take care and fingers crossed for your results, keep in touch

Gail x

Thanks Gail ,I wasn't tested for HPV when I went for my smear so after they finished the colposcopy she told me about it then I'm not to sure what too think about the HPV ! I really hope I don't have to wait 8 weeks ! Hope your keeping well xx