Just had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment

I had my colposcopy and treatment thid morning. It was horrible the anaesthetic made my heart race and feel very light headed and the procedure hurt in one place i could still feel it and that place just wouldnt stop bleeding for ages. I am so glad its over but in a lot of pain now :( now just to wait for my results.

I had my colcoscopy and LLETZ treatment yesterday too. The local anesthetic made my heart race as well and I was shaking for a good half an hour afterwards. I found the anesthetic really hurt and I could still feel the LLETZ bring performed. 

The nurses were brilliant during the procedure but the doctor who performed it wasn't. You could tell he did it a lot and he didn't come across as particularly bothered. 

I felt so emotional after the procedure I had a good cry in the toilet! The nurses made me a cup of tea and I'm glad my mom was there afterwards.

I know it was necessary but it was still a horrible experience. I still feel crampy and emotional today.

Hope you're feeling OK.

I'm glad im not alone, ive saw lots of people on here saying they couldn't feel it. I had a senior nurse perform mine amd she was lovely as was the other nurse, she held my hand all the way through.

I spent most of yesterday in bed as i was in alot of pain afterwards, i still feel awful today and keep getting a temperature so i think i may need to ring the clinic back up but i may just leave it until tomorrow to see if it passes.

Hope your ok today or starting to feel abit better.

Hi there I had colposcopy and LLTEZ on the 13th of this month too.It was scary.I had a letter after routine smear that I have some changes in the cells called Dyskaryosis , but they did not says any grade or anything .Just "Dyskaruosis" and  I have to go to colposcopy.I called the hospital and they gave me app for next day (13.06.2017).I went in the morning and they asked me few questions , after that I asked what grade Dyskaryosis I have and she said there is no grade here.And that they have to do colposcopy with LLETZ.So I got confused .I'm so scared now I have to wait for results.Is any one know what I have no grade and why they just say changes called Dyskaryosis?

Is that cancer???I'm freacking out :((((