Just had my colp


I feel really blue. Just been for my first colposcopy on my own.  It all went well, he saw a couple of suspicious areas and did two biopsies. No anaesthetic, just asked me to cough.


it smarted but not hugely painful.  But I feel really weird. Really down. Results should be a couple of weeks but he said he though everything looked fine.  They didn't have my smear results for some reason but I assume it doesn't matter although he said it wasn't acceptable. 




the whole thing is a really emotional process, I am finding. It's rather personal! I don't think it's unusual to feel a bit down; work through it, allow it, and do things to cheer yourself up. You deserve a treat.

if the person who did your colposcopy says everything is fine then it is fine. They do seem to know what they are talking about. So put that worry to one side.

take care, xxxx