Just had colposcopy. Open to questions.

Hope everyone’s okay.

Just had my colposcopy.
Not going to lie.
It hurt :frowning:

Basically they take biopsies.
Doctor said mine looks like CIN 2 with warty abnomality and I will probably have to have lletz once the biopsies confirm what she suspects.

Basically they look at your cervix. You can see it on a big screen. I watched whilst they put the dye on but looked away when they snipped the biopsie.

I asked if she was going to give me local and she said no the needle hurts more than the biopsy!

Anyway let me just say. Yes it bloody hurt like having 20 period pains at once.

Glad that parts over but not looking forward to the lletz if I have to have it.

By the way I’m a massive wuss when it comes to pain so those who are bit braver will probably find it a walk in the park.

X x x x x

Abnormal Smear High Grade Dyskaryosis.
Colposcopy suspect moderate changes, CIN 2 and warty abnormality.
Biopsie results expected in 2 weeks with recommended treatment most likely Lletz.

Big hugs x x x x x x x x

Hi. Hopefully you will not need any treatment. How long was your appointment do you have a sit down and discuss everything first? Was this your first smear?


Thank you!!!

Mine is tomorrow


I was in there an hour but I talk for England lol

I'm 24 and yeah the abnormal results were from my first smear. 

Got to wait now, hate waiting!! :( 

Good luck for tomorrow x x x x xx 


It's the waiting which I'm finding hard it's stressing me out so much thank you.  I will let you no how it goes hopefully good xxxx

I know Hun can't stand waiting that's the worst thing of all this, fearing the unknown. Let me know how your colposcopy goes. 

X x x x 

Hi Ladies, I had mine earlier. It was uncomfortable. Didn't really like watching the screen. All seems ok except nathobion cysts. Doesn't explain the bleeding so awaiting scans. 5 week wait for appt! 

Aww no such a long wait. Fingers crossed all is well when you have them xxxx

Think i'll pester them for a cancellation. Glad today is done...

Yeah it's the only way you get anywhere otherwise they'll keep you waiting for as long as poss it seems. x x x