Just had a colposcopy

Hi all am new to the forum.. just hoping to receive some advice about my colposcopy today.

It wasn't the nicest of experiences and I'm pleased it's over but the lady said that when she put the dye on some 'white cells appeared which is why she took a biopsy.... 

To be honest, I was in a bit of a state so I didn't think to ask too much about what she thought.... does anyone know what this means? is it likely that these are cancerous cells? 

She said I'd know the results in 4-6 weeks which feels like a lifetime away atm :(

any advice would be greatly welcomed- thanks in advance xx

Hi Lucy,

Typically, the colposcopist using something calle acetic acid which when in contact with abnormal cells will turn white. However, try not to worry as areas that turn white are not always due to the cells being abnormal. Scar tissue, sractches, abrasions, warts or any type of damage to the skin will also turn white. This is why they take biopsies so they can look at the cells under a microscope and decide if they are abnormal or not.

During my last colposcopy, I had an area which turned white and biopsies were taken and the result came back as no abnormal cells were found. Even if your results come back and abormal cells were found, it is very unlikely they will be cancerous. Pre cancerous cells are very common and depending on the grade of them, they can be removed sucessfully if caught in time. At my last colposcopy last year, I had abnormal cells graded CIN1 which are boardline and almost always go back to normal on their own. I've spent the last year worried about it to find out that they have gone back to normal and I am clear of pre cancerous cells. 

What did the results from your smear come back as? Usually they are pretty accurate in detecting cell abnormalities, so this should give you a good idea of what to expect. 

Try not to worry and remember that pre cancerous cells are NOT cancer and can be treated. I was told 4-6 weeks for my results but they came back in 3 weeks so you may hear sooner. All the best :) xx

Hi jb8828,


Thanks so much for getting back to me, your reply has made things so much clearer for me! 

I will do my best not to think to much about it all over the next few weeks and like you say, it may even come sooner...

my smear came back with hpv (which I was told about the smear before) and a normal sample. in the letter it said that as I had had an abnormal test before, it's required for me to have a colposcopy. however, I don't recall ever having abnormal cells nor have I had, or been invited to have a colposcopy  before this one... so not sure where that's come from? 

would you say that's good news?


thank you again for getting back to me you really have out me at ease. :)

I think they may have called you for a colposcopy if you tested positive for HPV more than once. This is probably what they mean by having an abnormal test before. There are about 12 strains of HPV that they class as high risk because they can be responsible for cell abnormalities which can potentially lead to cervical cancer. If you test positive for one of these strains then I think they just want to do a colposcopy to make sure everything is ok.

If no abnormal cells were detected in your smear then this sounds very positive, usually a smear and biopsy will match up - in my case it was the opposite, abormal cells found during smear but all clear on the biopsy!

If you know you have high risk HPV then its good you know about this and have caught it in time. Most women surpress the virus within 2 years before any cell changes take place, not sure how old you are but the younger you are the better chance is that your body will fight the virus by itself long before any abnormal changes take place.

if you do have HPV there are some things that put you more at risk of developing abnormal cells such as smoking and  contraceptive pill. If your body isn't fighting the virus after a couple of years then there's ways of trying to kickstart the immune system such as taking food supplements and altering diet. I'd recommend taking a high dose of vitamin C, folic acid and B12 as I've read that women who don't clear the virus are often decifcient in these. There is also a supplement in america called AHCC - read into this as its being researched at the moment as being a potential cure. ive been taking it for 6 months and I think it could be what has helped me to clear the abnormal cells 

Good luck and I hope you get good news soon :)


thank you so much for all your advice! I'm going to look into the vitamins and supplement tomorrow morning! 

I'll defo keep you updated- thanks again :)