Just had a Colopscopy

hi all

iv just had my colopscopy about half hour ago if it's anyone's first time like mine it's nothing to worry about luckily the nurses were so nice and re assuring 

I had a biopsoy which I honostly didn't feel at all after getting my results which were high the nurse has advised after looking at me there does not seem to be anything to worry about and I should have Had a letter that said low I feel much better after going and now await my results 


hope this helps x

Hi stevie im so relieved for you that it wasn't to bad and all is well! Perhaps your high cells have fixed themselves since your last snear which is great news!! Keep us posted on your resuits! I'm going along for my colp on Monday mornig hoping my cycle doesn't arrive meantime as ive stopped the pill so all a bit all over the place!! Will keep u updated enjoy your weekend!! xx

Stevie thanks for putting this post up. I have mine on the 20th March and I'm terrified. Your post has given me a little comfort 

Hi all thank you for your replies im glad it's helped I was a petrified mess for days before I went but honostly it was fine it's exactly like a smear but more comftable 

even when I had the biopsy they tell u to cough and I didnt feel a thing good luck to both of you's and I will keep posted on my results