just got the dreaded news, scared

My my test results came back saying highly suspicious  endocervical  adenocarcinoma in situ and high grade squamous dysplasia.  So they are doing the cone biopsy to find out more.  I'm so scared it spread all over bc is up in my canal. Anyone have any good stories from this? 


Hi Kayla :-)

Loads and loads of good stories :-) I had a monster of an adenocarcinoma four years ago. It was all removed, no spread. If you want to read my story in full then just click on my name in pink which will lead you to my profile where you will find 'My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy'. From what you say it doesn't sound like yours is as big and bad as mine was so your journey is likely to be a lot less mad. I have no doubt that other women will be along shortly to confirm that you are in a very good, safe and supportive place.

Be lucky :-)


yes plenty of positive stories here :) ... I had a cone biopsy and my lymph nodes removed in July- all successful and now awaiting my 1st review. Not knowing exactly what your dealing with is the hardest part... So keep chatting any thoughts you're having here, friends, family and keep positive. I'm 30.. It scared me getting the diagnosis and the internet completely freaked me out! So if you can avoid google, if you do search link in with your consultant/ team as they kept me grounded and positive the whole way through. 

The cone biopsy's fine... you have I take it easy for a few weeks but all in all it's fine.

big hug xx



Thank yall so much.  I'm so scared that something worse is going on.  I'm so thankful I ran across this forum. My cone biopsy is next week.  It's hard to just wait:/ 

Would a pinch biopsy show cc or just precancerous cells?

Hi Kayla,

Whether it's a cone biopsy, a punch biopsy or a LLETZ, they are all tissue samples from inside you and are taken to the lab for testing. They will all show cancer if cancer is present in the sampled tissue.

Be lucky :-)

I'm just trying to prepare my self for the results.  I feel that is in the canal and precancerous cells are showing that it may be worse when the test higher up:/