Just got that bad news

Well after routine smear test…and lots of further tests the results were in today…sort of knew when they asked me to go in and maybe an idea to take a support with me. Well i have Squamous cell cervical cancer…there i said it. All a bit of a blur to be honest…havent told anyone…just sat in the car for a few hours and tried to digest it. He talked about surgery as soon as next week, chemotherapy i know was thrown in there. Told them i cant have any treatment for at least a month as my partner is having surgery on his back in three weeks, so i will need to look after him for a least a few weeks…they told me to go home and digest everything and have an appointment to go back Friday when its all sunk in and they will go through my treatment plan. I dont want to tell anyone yet until i have got my head around it, so dont want to worry anyone but had to get it off my chest as my head spinning.

I’m so sorry Mia, it’s such a big shock isn’t it! We are all right there with you to chat when you need us.

Sorry to hear this Mia. It’s difficult to take in, especially as you have your partner to worry about. Surgery is usually the option for lower stage CC so that’s a positive. Also, if you could get some help and support from other family members or friends, the quicker you can get started the better. As lots of women on here say - the waiting is far worse than the process of treatment. We’re all here whenever you need us, and whilst hearing you have cancer is not great news, knitting that it’s being addressed and not left is good news.

Oh my gosh I’m feeling it… So sorry to see it. I believe everything will be fine stay strong! We are all with you

So sorry. The news is the worst but the treatment will be the best ! I am 4.5 years clear from stage 3 CC. The tunnel is dark for you right now but there will be light I promise. We are all here for you with advice or just sounding boards. Xxx

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