just getting a little worried , not sure what to do ?

I went for my 1st smear test 5 days ago. I found the test extremely painful and once the speculum was positioned (open) the nurse left me to fetch something at which point the speculum shot across the room. It caused quite a severe bleed, but the nurse continued and completed the smear test (again) and said I probably had been cut but could not see anything externally. The bleed continued and after seeking advice from 111 I went to a&e where they confirmed I had an internal cut caused by the speculum. 5 days on the bleeding has stopped but I am still experiencing a lot of pain and swelling, I was unable to book a doctor’s appointment for today and the surgery will not reopen until after the weekend but don’t know if another examination will really help?! Has anybody got any advice please just can’t believe I am in such pain following the smear and starting to get a little worried but don’t know if I’m overreacting? ! Thank you x

Hi Caroline, sounds like you haven't had a very nice experience of your first smear, I'm sorry you experienced what you did. From what I am aware of it should not have been painful at all, possibly uncomfortable but not painful. 

if I was in the same situation, I would definitely ring 111 again, they are there for advice so will be able to offer that to you. In my area you have to call 111 to arrange an appointment with the out of hours service anyway so if you have something similar in your area maybe they could arrange that for you as you don't want to run the risk of an infection.

let me know how it goes and I hope you get it sorted soon, if not already :-)


Hi cherry drop 

Thank you very much for your help! :) :) :)

I managed to get an appointment today with my own gp, unfortunately however the nurse had not noted the problems during my smear in there full details and so my doctor was unaware I had an internal cut and was quite adamant this could not of happened which I found really upsetting.  

Upon examination she quickly realised that I had quite a severe infection (which she was adamant again it wasn't anything to do with my smear test) I was then quickly referred to my local hospital acc which if I'm honestly scared me as the possibility of minor surgery was mentioned. Fortunately and much to my relief a course of antibiotics was prescribed . Fingers crossed these will be the last of the treatment I will need!! 

So sorry to blurt on so much: now probably isn't the right time to write this post as it has been such a long emotional day and I'm feeling very let down by the nurse and my doctor! Special mention should go here for the specialist I saw at the hospital was so caring and reassuring :) 

Caroline sorry you had such a crap experience. If you aren't happy with your care from the nurse or soctoe perhaps speak to the manager at the surgery. X

Thank you :) I think I need to really to! Sorry about my moaning on here, I'm not one to moan normally ! Xx