Just found out I have cancer (children mentioned)

Hi, I thought I would post on here as I can see many of you are a huge source of strength and support. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 6 days ago. I had my MRI scan yesterday and have a CT scan Thursday. I had no symptoms whatsoever I had a abnormal smear followed by Colposcopy and biopsy and the consultant told me it was cancer. I am completely in limbo they havent told me anything other than its cancer and Im waiting for a date for MDT meeting. Im very positive but completly bewildered with the lack of information and awful cancer nurse! Im 34 (35 this week :slight_smile: ) and have two little girls 16 months and 2 and half they are keeping me smiling xxxxxxx

Hi Daisy,

So sorry to hear that this has happened to you. It's all a bit of a blur at the beginning, but try to be patient and you should have results soon. In the meantime, do try to resist the urge to Google if you can - there is some very unhelpful material on the web which you should ignore. I know it seems like you are waiting an age, but you should get results and a treatment plan pretty quickly if you've had tests.

My advice is to try to write your questions down before the next appointment - I found my team very willing to explain things but it is hard when all the teminology is new to you and you're terrified.

If you don't like your specialist cancer nurse, you can ask to be looked after by someone else. You have a choice (my nurse told me that!). That nurse will be your main source of information and your link to your medical team during your treatment and having someone you feel comfortable with is very important. Not sure how you go about changing but your hospital PALS service should be able to advise.

So, courage my dear. I reckon having no symptoms is a good thing. Hopefully it means you're at a very early stage, in which case cure rate is very high. You'll have ups and downs through this, but do use this forum when you need it - many of us have found it to be a great help.


THank you Rosehip for all your helpful advice it does help having the support and advice of someone who is going through similar. I had my CT scan yesterday so the nurse was hoping to get my MDT meeting arranged for Monday as the oncologist Im under only has Monday clinics and it bank holiday week after. Ive a million questions going round my head so will definitely get them written down for the appointment. Many thanks again for the advice its much appreciated xxxxx


Hi Daisypops,

Really sorry you have had this awful news.  Did you manage to get into clinic tomorrow? You will feel much better once you know the staging and the treatment plan.  I know how much of a shock it is, especially when you have had no obvious symptoms and regular smear tests!! As always, some great advice from Rosehip -  be strong athough I know its hard but as you say the children keep you smiling (mine did).  Let us know how you get on as we're always around in the background and someone is always available to comment.  Just take one step at a time and try not to second guess any decision making.  You'll come through this..Wink  

love and best wishes Andrea xx