Just don't know what to think!!!! (children mentioned)

Hi all I'm new here and suppose I'm just looking for some reassurance, I had an abnormal smear 8 weeks ago hospital was amazing and they got me in within a week for colposcopy and loop treatment. I recieved a call from the hospital receptionist last week saying I had severe cin 3 which also entered my cervix with unclear margins...I thought ok can't be too bad they rescheduled me in for the 20th of this month saying that I would probably need more treatment. Now the worrying part I then recieve a call at 8:30 this morning saying I know we said were happy with treatment so far but the consultant really needs to see you at 9.10 tomorrow morning to talk to you. It wasn't a cancelation so why the sudden urgency words cannot describe how scared I am I'm 28 have 3 beautiful children and my family is complete.


i would be so thankful for any comments.


firstly, it's such a stressful time, and your mind must be everywhere. I'm a mum of three young children, & had similar communication. I have just had a week to deal with being diagnosed with CC, It may not be this result for you, but it is obviously something that needs treatment. Make sure you take someone with you for support, whatever the results xx good luck 

Thankyou for the reply its just so worrying, my nan has had the same circumstances as me and was sent straight in for a hysterectomy :( xx

The fact that they couldn't visibly see anything would suggest even if the worst case scenario would be very early and treatable so please try not to worry. You could get there and it might be they still have unclear margins and need to think about it. 

These days it's very rare for people to be rushed to anything esp hysterectomy so don't fret about that.  

Big hugs I know how worrying it all is xxxx