Just Diagnosed w/ CC. Ongoing vaginal/rectal shooting pains ( mild back pain) -

Pain symptoms anyone or something else non -related that you have found to be the culprit. I have had the vaginal / rectal shooting pain about 9-10 months.


Back pain radiating to hip and some pelvic pain occured after each of my biopsies.

Any similar ocuurences? I still have a week or two ( maybe more ) to meet wih specialist


Thank you!


I have had the same symptoms. The shooting pain only lasts maybe 30 seconds each time. Always a dull ache and occasionally bad back pain. 

I know my pains got worse after being diagnosed. I put that down to stress. 

Parcetamol seemed to do the trick for me. But had to take it regularly.

Hope this helps. 

Thank you... such an odd pain location. More prominent after each biopsy then subsides for days or weeks. I hope you are keeping well and treatment is planned <3

 Since I have been diagnosed my symptoms have got worse. 

It's been the longest 3 weeks of my life. 

After the biopsies I was in such terrible pain and caught an infection. 


Gosh im frightened. I have hpv 16 and 18. Its been a year and 4 months since I was diagnosed and I have pelvic pain ( its not sever or anything Id rate it a slight 4 or 3) 


Is it possible to have cancer after a year od gettinf hpv?