just diagnosed Stage 2B :( Please help

Hi there, 

I spoke to my consultant today and he was able to offer the final diagnosis that I have Stage 2B CC (adenocarcinoma). I'm to undergo a PET-CT scan and then an exam under general anaesthetic.

 I'm then to undergo chemo-radiation starting mid-july. Has anyone else recently had a stage 2B diagnosis, or has undergone treatment for the same stage and got through it with the all-clear? Really needing some positive news right now, as I'm terrified of the next two months and what it's going to mean for my two little boys.



Hello Hunni sorry to hear your news. I'm not the same stage as you I'm 1b2 starting my treatment 7th July I have a little girl and it makes it feel all the worse doesn't it. There are lots of lovely ladies on here who will be/have been in your shoes am sure they will write to you. I just wanted to send you a hug and that I'm thinking of you if you ever need a chat am always here 

take care

dominique xx


I also had stage 2b and had chemo-radiation in June 2011 when I was 31. I was given my first all clear in Jan 2012. Whilst the treatment is hard, you will get through it and it goes quickly! My tumour was found during labour so I had 2 young kids and relied on my partner and family to help out.

Good luck with your treatment and ask any questions - I'm sure you will think of many!

Best wishes,



Sorry about your diagnosis :-( i was diagnosed stage 2b in April 2013. I finished my treatment in July 2013 and have been all clear since. I am part of a support group for people suffering with gynae cancers and the nurse has reassured me numerous times that she sees more people survive this stage then die from it. I know it's hard but you need to focus on beating this and stay strong, I honestly wrote myself off after being diagnosed and I look at myself now and I'm amazed that I'm looking forward to my future insteadnof dwelling on what could/ could of happened.


Hi Jenny,

i was diagnosed in 2010 and I am still here.

i believe there are quite a few of us around.

we are here to answer any queries you may have and to support you.


Thanks everyone. Feel a bit better now. My consultant said the 5 yr survival rate is about 68% which is ok (and I'm young, healthy etc).

I'm sure I'll be contacting you all soon for help and advice xx


Hi Jenny, 

I was also diagnosed with stage 2B, just last month. Started Treatment last week. Honestly not as bad as I had envisioned, been tired, and bit of upset tum, but otherwise ok. Just waiting to go off for Chemotherapy today (2/5), so today is day one of weeks 2. I  have 2 sons, 15 and 16, we seem to have settled into some sort of normal lol. I don't have all the answers, but feel free to message me :-) x

Hi  Jenny

I was diagnosed as 2b like you, last christmas.  I have been told now that the mri shows 'no active disease' and after surgery I have been told the tests show 'cancer free'.  I am now on the revuew cycle. 

The chemo/radio treatment was not as bad as I expected.  If you have any questions, please ask, and I will help where I can.  

Good luck


Thanks Tracey and BayleeB, your comments sound very encouraging. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as I go through treatment xxx


Ask any questions you like ..... there are a lot of people here who can help - for me it was really helpful to be able to 'speak' to people who are in the same position and understand

Good luck


Hi, I was diagnosed on the 14.5.2014 with stage 2b, I am starting treatment chemo and radio on Monday, when my consultant spoke to me when I got my treatment plan she said this treatment was the best and had a high cure rate, after reading other comments on this forum this seems the most norm treatment for this stage, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed it works for me as I guess you do look at the bad side more, but I'm going with what she told me and trying up positive, I also had an EUA as well, admitted first thing and was out after toast and a coffee at 3 in the afternoon, felt a bit sore going for a wee but was fine to go to work after a day of rest. Hope that's helped?, I found I worried more when I was having scans and waiting for results, since i found out what I'm dealing with and that it can be treated it has made it easier. Take care.x