Just curious

hi all, I keep thinking back to my lletz and was wondering if everyone knows how much of their cervix was removed when they had their lletz? Mine was just over half a cm! Xx

I had 2.5cm first time and 'what was left'?!?  second time round. I think standard is 1cm. I had Cgin so that's probably why it was so much! 

Not sure in cm, but punch biopsy was the size of top of my little finger -

And LLETZ I had a sugar cube size....all the nurses descriptions! 

Not sure what's left though :/


I was told 1 cm before the procedure n the Dr Drew me a pic!! I have no idea how much he actually took.... The nurse said "a fair chunk"!!! X

Hi, I have been told they are going to take 1.5cm and the full width of my cervix due to how far spread out the cells are. Is this a lot? They said I have to have under GA as its a large area?