Just curious - how many with Adenosquamous diagnosis?


I was just curious really - I was diagnosed with adenosquamous cervical cancer recently - this is the type that only 3-5% of people get, so there doesn't seem to be very much information about it out there at all. (Even on this site - unless I'm not looking properly?). From what I've read 80% of people get squamous, 15-20% adeno and 3-5% of people adenosquamous and then the last few percent are the really rare types.

Has anyone else with adenosquamous managed to find any good info relating specifically to this diagnosis? My consultant said as only a small number of people get it there hasn't really been any extensive research done - so it is treated the same way as the 2 more prevelant types, as they're not really sure what else to do!

Best wishes to all



I'm an adenosquamous lady and like you I found very little info about it.  I know it starts higher up the cervical canal and this was the reason given to me for my cancer not being detected until I was at 2B.  I went down chemorad toute because of my staging but got the all clear in April and my first 3 month check is also clear.  Hope you are doing well after your op.


Take care   xxx

Hi Andrea

It's not looking as if there are many of us out there! My op is schedualed for 6th August, so a couple of weeks to go - it seems to have been very slow going so far and way over the guideline times, which in one way is encouraging as they don't seem to be that concerned about it speading etc, but on the other hand it's always in the back of my mind that maybe the LLETZ didn't clear everything and there are still a few cells hanging about that could be spreading in the meantime.

 Hoping this sunshine continues into August and then at least I can sit out in the garden when I get home again!

Good to hear that you got the all clear at your check.


BW xx

I have adenosquamous, all I've read is that it's a combination of the two prevent types. 

Just out of curiosity, did either of you have a coil in place on or around the time of diagnosis?