Just been told the news none of us want to hea

Hi it’s me again,

Just got told it’s cancer feel numb inside like I’m watching everyone have these emotions and I feel numb like it’s not happening like I’m watching a program and it’s not real.

Have MRI and pet scan and then another meeting all booked for the next few weeks.

Luckily all the children are out with family today so I can have some time to just digest the news.

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So sorry to hear that, just have hope that everything will work out and you’ll have a treatment plan soon. I’m currently just awaiting biopsy results and scans which a lot of people have said is the worst part waiting on everything getting going.
Sending you lots of hugs xx

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Hi @Zanna4getmenot, so sorry you find yourself here, what you’re feeling is totally normal, I promise you we have all been there!
We will all tell you that the waiting for scans and a plan is the hardest part, please don’t Google while you wait! Stick to trusted sites like this.
We all have different ways of dealing with this time, I focused on family and me time, like you said, read some of our stories, treatment is very doable and you will surprise yourself how strong you really are.
Wishing you well xx


Thank you everyone. Just woken from a nap to try and escape this living nightmare for a while. Woke to find it’s all real and felt like the air left my lungs. Sitting watching Christmas film with my family holding back tears. Don’t want anyone to worry so trying to just act like normal and keep walls up x

Aww hun I was where you are Xmas 2020, I got my final staging about 10 days before Xmas xx it was not the best news stage 3C and I did believe my time was up, but my consultant got me on the interlace clinical trial and I believe that saved me xxx

Oh honey I totally feel you.
I was diagnosed in November and got my hysterectomy operation date of January 5th just before Christmas Eve. It’s an emotional time and looking at family makes your mind wander to some really dark places.
My friend who’s been through hell with cancer herself advised me to just ride the wave and let in the darkness sometimes because a good cry/scream/shout can do you good. I also feel numb and watch others get all upset but then it randomly hits you what’s actually going on. It’s ok to cry or not cry, there’s no proper way to handle this. Just know that this moment will soon be a past memory and hopefully you’ll have plenty more happy memories to create in the coming years which will counteract the shitstorm you’re in right now. Xxx

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Thank you for your reply’s I have my MRI tomorrow xxxxx