Just been informed I have stage 3b cc

Good morning all,

I have just received a call from the lady who carried out my biopsy a few weeks ago confirming I have cc and it is stage 3b.
I have been referred for a pet ct scan on Monday.
I have absolutely no idea what this stage 3b means and was wondering if anyone else had or is in the same position and could share some information with me regarding treatment, is it curable at this stage etcetc. I’m so scared at the minute and worried about the future for my two young sons.
Any advice or information will be gratefully received.
Much love Michelle xx

My cancer  is 3b i had chemo  radio n braccytherpty  the waiting game  begins cerivcal  cancer  is very treatable  plz dont worry  to much i did  have  to have 2 external kidney  drains  because  the  tumour  was  putting  pressure  on the  tubes  from kidney to bladder one  has now been  removed plz try not  to worry  u need to get  as much  rest as  u can  ready  for treatment  starting  x

Hi Michelle 

im so happy that "helpme" has responded as she has the same stage but please remember that staging really doesn't  make much of a difference For the treatment.  You will probably have some extra testing in terms of the dr deciding the best way forward but you will have the chemorad as most of us have had. 

You will be ok!!! this does not mean you are doomed. You are still curable! 

Try to read through some of the treatment threads and you will get a better understanding of what is ahead. 

We have all thought the worst when we were at the same spot in this journey as you are in, but we are all still kickin around to talk about it....well some of us, the others left to go on with their lives and live happily ever after. 

You are not alone in this, there are so many wonderful ladies on here that will hold your hand through this. No worries you can do this!!!


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Thank you Helpme, I appreciate you taking the time to respond, I wish you all the very best.  I will get as much rest as possible xx

Thank you Lolli888 I will have a read :) I think it's the shock of getting told the diagnosis over the phone that has thrown me so much, I can't get my head around the fact I haven't yet seen anyone face to face to actually discuss any of this.  I hope all is going well for you, thank you again for your time xx

I got chatting  to some  lovely people  in chemo one lady  also had  cerivcal  cancer  we went threw everything  together  n on  brachy days  we  was  in beds  next  to esch other  made  that  day  more  easier for me we r planning  to meet  up for  a drink  in summer  when  we  both  feel  better i find  u do getting  talking  to so  many  lovely  people  in chemo  x

Hi. The staging just describes the area the cancer covers. I think that's right. I was diagnosed stage 4a - it was in my bladder wall and vagina (sounds lovely doesn't it).

I finished treatment February 2016 and have had 4 scans that showed no evidence of disease.

My treatment was the same as everyone else on here (less actually but that's the way my hospital works, although my brachytherapy was administered slightly differently ) and I didn't suffer many side effects through it.

I'm presuming that you had an mri scan as well as a biopsy?

I don't think you get extra tests because of your staging. You'll have a scan where they inject dye into your veins, this will go straight to the tumour and from that they will know where to aim the radiotherapy. They give you 3 little pinprick tattoos (tiny) which direct them for the radiotherapy treatment.  It sounds scary but it's really not.

You'll get weighed and measured beyond belief and have blood tests. Before your treatment starts you will have a kidney function test to check that you are OK to have the chemo. The name of the chemo is usually cisplatin which doesn't cause you to lose your hair.

Any after effects you may have are perfectly liveable.

Don't hesitate to post any questions or even just have a rant - we've all been where you are and all the ladies on here will want to help you through this x  

These ladies have said all the right things and I really have nothing to add. 

I know it's scary right now so try and stay hopeful ❤

Hope someone picks up this post!

i have today been diagnosed with 3b cervical cancer. My heads a little all over the place worrying about my husband and children. my last smear was sept 2015 and all clear. would love to hear from any others in the same position 

much love


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I was diagnosed March 7th with stage 3b invasive cervical cancer. I already start treatment, radiology and chemo this coming up week and I'm so scared. The radiologist doctor saI'd there was a lot of cancer. Her exact words. I had to have blood transfusions and everything already. I'm so scared

Hi lacie,


I am in remission for stage 3b cervical cancer (the main tumour was 8-10cm)involving pelvic, kidney and paraaortic lymph nodes. I was diagnosed 25th April. Had 5 lots of cisplatin and 7 weeks all up of radiation (one week to stop the bleeding) then brachytherapy. I had to have 8 transfusions and fe infusion before starting treatment. By october, after completing all the treatment by 23rd june, I was in complete remission. Treatment is tough but easier than you think it will be . The chemoradiation does work well. It's a scary scary time and that fear stays with you for awhile. Best thing is to support yourself with people that make you feel like your normal self and can brighten the darker days. Wishing you all the best. Everyone on the forum is lovely and supportive and great at sharing similar experiences that other people may not understand.  Take care xx

Thank you so much for your reply. This is very hard for me, just signing up for this forum was hard. I never expected this too happen too me. I'm in shock everyday howe'ver I said It w out crying earlier .... I can't believe I have cancer! T minus 6 days till radiation begins then chemo on the 23rd. I hate hospitals n needles. Smoking pot helps ease my pain far more then anything else.  



It's normal to be scared. I was petrified. Most here would say the same. Cancer is scary and a bastard! The radiation is ok. The staff there are very nice. They get you to empty your bladder then drink water to fill it again to help push the small bowel out of the radistion zone to prevent it from getting damaged. I lost my hair down there during treatment and they gave me instructions on how to protect the skin. The diarrhoea didnt take long to kick in for me but others find out about 3 weeks. Try and stock up on imodium. The girls here have great tips. A low fibre diet that is bland can help too. Chemo days I didn't find too bad as the steroids perked me up and gave me an appetite when i had none. I needed regularly antiemetics. Everyone finds it a bit different though. Some find the chemo really tough.  I needed to get s picc line in as my veins in my arm are skinny and difficult to cannulate. If you have any worries at all. Post on here and you will find someone who has good advice. Some of the girls have blogged their experiences. All the best lacie. I am sorry you have cervical cancer. It sucks. It truly does., but the girls here have some good advice as they share similar experiences. Take care xx

Hi, I’m new and was told after the CT scan that my left ureter is partially blocked causing moderate hydronephrosis or the kidney to swell. Hope you don’t mind me asking, why did you need the kidney drain or nephrostomy was it blocking both of your kidneys? The radiologist said a stent would probably be place on my left ureter. Any advice please. Thank you.

Hi, did you end up getting a stent fitted to your ureter? I’m newly diagnosed and was told that my left ureter is partially blocked. I’m wondering how you are right now. I hope you’re finally over treatments and back to normal life. Sending lots of love. Xx

Hi Bexter, I’m new and was told initial stage 3B as my left ureter is partially blocked causing hydronephrosis of the kidney. I was wondering if you had any stent fitted or nephrostomy done for your kidney prior to treatment? Did the chemo made you lose your hair? Just wanted to know what to expect. I hope you’re doing well now and completely healed. I need some positive stories as I’m feeling so scared and down. Thank you.

No i didnt have either stents nor nephrostomy before treatment but i developed significant radiation damage .,. But i was an extremely rare complication… they think the tumour weakened the wall,… … and 2 fistulas between my bladder and vagina and vagina and bowel and my ureter became obstructed post treatment about 6-12months later. I ended up with bilat nephrostomy tubes til i had a pelvic exenteration and they removed bowel, bladder, hysterectomy, rectum, vagina and ovarues. They put in ureteric stents.

I wont say nephrostomy tubes are my favorite things but more because they are more awkward to self manage and i needed some assistance to change due to position. I now h ave a permanent urostomy and colostomy i manage. They give local when they are inserted in ct and can be uncomfortable at times… but the most awkward thing is they are difficult to manage your self. Stents arent bad. I had for 6 weeks post surgery out of both kidneys into my urostomy and tgey just pulled them out. They were ok… ocassionally uncomfortable but easy and made kidbbeys drain super easy.

I had chemoradiation and brachytherapy. Chemo i had was cisplatin and you dont lose your hair but my hair lost 1/3 of its volume and became brittle and fragile but im not sure if that was more because i was so sick. You just need to be careful of all the chemicals you use as your skin becones very sensitive. Best just to stick to sorbolene and all non fragnance stuff and avoid applying either 2 hours at least either side of radiation. Also start really careful oral hydiene. Salt washes, sodibic washes, dentist appointments if you need them and tell the staff any side effects you are experiencing… diarrhoea from radiation or constipation from chemo… nausea. Try an eat a good balanced diet and get excercise when able as it helps with fatigue and mental fog.

The staff are really good. The steroids they give you during chemo and days post heps with nausea but will make it difficult to sleep.

Find some things that make the anxiety that is natural to feel easier to deal with. One of my friends used meditation but thats blah to me. I found it difficult to concentrate on anything. So couldnt read or watch movies but could flick through magazines occasionally.

Any questions dont hesitate to ask. Im sorry you are facing this.

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Appreciate all the info. I’m so sorry you’ve been through a lot. It scares the heck out of me. I’m sorry but did you mean the treatment has cured the cancer but the side effects led you to the pelvic exenteration? That’s so awful. But you are clear from cancer now for how long? I just wanted to have a glimpse of hope out of all these. It’s like it’s never ending fight for survival it makes me so sad.

Yeah i had a 10 cm tumour and pelvic nodes involed, paraaortic node and one lymph node above my kidney. I had my treatment in april through to june 2017 and still considered cancer free. They thought i had a recurrence as i was having major hemorrhages, fully incontinent, had acute kidney impairment from complete ureteric obstruction both sides and hydronephrosis… i had less than 5 percent kidney function but it was the fistulas from the radiation and initial tumour weakening. I have been considered cancer free since october 2017… they checked everything theybremoved and no cancer. Life is different but i am alive and happy. I work again. I had 30-50percent chance or surviving… and i am now 4 years down the track since diagnosis. I hade my surgery nov 2018. I am happy again.