Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer

Hi just thought I'd introduce myself and share my story 

I'm 28 and just been told I have cervical cancer have a operation for another biopsy and to check my organs to see if it's spread, I don't no anymore about the stage yet they said I'll get told more after my Operation, I have two young kids and so worried I can't show that because I have to stay strong

for My kids, I joined to hear other people's stories and think it will help speaking to people who are going threw the same.

Hi Danielle

Nice to "meet" you, if for unhappy reasons. I am right where you are... two kids, recently diagnosed, waiting for my second biopsy and looking for support. It's such a horrible place to be, waiting. I spent about two solid weeks lookng up every awful, heartbreaking story on the internet until I realized I needed to stop. Please make sure you give yourself that grace. It's so hard to feel like you can't be vulnerable right now - I haven't told my children yet because I wanted to wait until after my biopsy to see if I need just the hysterectomy or if I need further treatment - that is going to definitely shape how I explain this to them (they are 12 and 10 so they are able to comprehend things more, but still at the point where the word "cancer" is too scary). 

How are you doing TODAY? At this exact moment in time? Have you done something nice for yourself? Have you allowed yourself to sleep in? Have you started reading a terribly trashy escapist book or watched a crappy movie, just for the sake of distracting yourself? Have you made the "at least I'll lose two pounds" joke yet? 

I'm trying to take it day by day at this point - looking forward to a romantic weekend getaway with my boyfriend, before coming back the next week to my LEEP. But this week is about making sure my nails look good, my bags are packed, and I'm relaxed enough to enjoy the calm before the storm. What are you doing today?

Hi Danielle and Working


I'm so sorry you both find yourself here. The waiting really is the hardest bit. I was diagnosed 2b in February. I finished my chemorads and brachytherapy last week and I'm slowly starting to put myself together again. 
From diagnosis to end of treatment took 3 months. 
I had an MRI scan recently which showed a really good response to treatment. 
Stay positive, remember your oncologist is taking the time to do the right tests to get the best treatment plan in place for you. Try to stay off Google. Cancer research is good and Macmillan have a really good section about telling children. 
I wish you both all the very best

Hi ladies 

Nearly a year ago I've heard those heartbreaking news that I have cancer. I spent hours and days on Google researching and making myself more depressed and feeling horrible with all sorts of unhealthy thoughts! 

I have two kids (5&9) and all I could think about was that I will not see them growing up. 

Thankfully I only needed hysterectomy, which I had in August last year. I struggle with post op side effects ( I was very unfortunate) but otherwise I am fine. Had 2 MRI's giving all clear. 

I am happy, trying to enjoy my life. 

If I can give you any advice - please remember, our cases are very individual ☺️ this forum is great for support and advice - if you need anything I'm sure all of the members will help you out - including me! I know how hard it is to go throug this ( I am 33) and also that I didn't want to worry my relatives more than they already were. It's easier to chat with someone who have been (or is) going through silimar things! 

So, don't torture yourself and try to stay off Google ;) 

All the best! ?