Just been diagnosed - emotional wreck!!

Hi mrs m, I had been having post coital bleeding for around 6 months before i decided to visit my gp I didn't rush to visit the gp because I've always had normal smears and my last one had only been 2 years ago and as I though cc was slow growing the chance of it being cancer had not even entered my head! How naive of me!! Anyway the gp did an examination and diagnosed an erosion but referred me to colposcopy just to be safe..by the time my referral came through I was then due my 3 year smear so they took that and it came back borderline abnormal..so I had 2 punch biopsies and they came back back cin 2!! There was then a mdt meeting and they decided that they would remove the cin 2 with a lletz and a week after the lletz I had the dreaded phone call asking me if I could come in the following day...I knew straight away that it was cc as my gynaecologist had said I will pop a letter in the post...so he obviously couldn't see anything suspicious...that was Feb 23rd a day I will never forget..his words were "surprisingly it's cancer" so always clear smears no other symptoms other than some post capital bleeding but was told by gp and Gynae that was an erosion!! Fast forward to now and yesterday I was told its stage 1b2/2a....I'm sure you ve nothing at all to worry about but the waiting is one of the hardest things I've ever had to cope with! I wish you all the luck for your staging..keep in touch on here. 

Kay x

I have been bleeding every day for 2 years. Was diagnosed as an Ectropion  by the gynae team. Was treated with a coil and some silver nitrate and eventually beginning of Feb put on a waiting list for Ablation. I really was not happy so went private to try to get Ablation quicker and they spotted cc as soon as they examined me. Had hysteroscopy, punch biopsy MRI and CT  and have been told will be seeing oncologist this week. I see the consultant on Monday to get more info about the scans and he will tell me then what day I am seeing the oncologist. 

Hi ladies

just back from my grading consultation and been confirmed as 2B. Waiting for Oncology appointment to plan treatment. It's certainly a rollercoaster of emotions,

hope you're all ok,


Ive got my next meeting with the gynae-oncologist tomorrow afternoon to discuss MRI, staging and hopefully a treatment plan, im dreading it but also hate the not knowing so will be relieved I guess to finally know what Im dealing with! I dont think i have ever experienced so many emotions in quick succession like this before!! Im hoping once I know whats what I can focus more and get on with beating this!! Hope you're okay!! Xx

Hi all, encouraging to read so many strong willed responses. I'm 25 went for my first ever smear the very first week I was able after my birthday. Results came back saying moderate dsyk so I wasn't worried as my friends came back as severe and she was fine. During the colposcopy I could tell the doctor was concerned and she suggested I had a large loop excursion immediately. I followed her advice and I'm glad I did as she sat me down afterwards and told me she could see visually that my cervix looked compatible with CIN3 and that there were 'features suggesting invasion'. In the letter to my GP she states her concerns over this which has massively freaked me out. Bloody terrified doesn't quite cut it, I'm struggling to deal with this mentally, worried I will never get to have a family...I get the results of my biopsy on Wednesday and im absolutely terrified. Any tips on how to remain calm during this time? Xx 

Hi angryblond! First of all let me say sorry to hear you are having auch an anxious time but you have definitely come to the right place for advice and support! I would have been completely lost without this forum throughout my experience so far so well done for finding us! The waiting for results is by far the worst bit, its natural to feel anxious but please try not to worry - even if they have found something, which they might not have, but even if they have this is a really treatable cancer with optiona available to best suit you! Try to stay calm until you know exactly what you are dealing with because after that it does get easier! Stay strong xx