Just an idea

Hi all,

Over the xmas period, at work rather than sending each other xmas cards we all give a small (say the cost for a pack of cards) donation to a local charity, this year due to my experience, the ward where I work has kindly agreed for the money raised to be donated to Jo’s, I’m on the case to collect the money, and having only started today have already collected £20. I’m also using this to raise awareness by placeing posters in the communal areas, and handing out leaflets to anyone who asks me about Jo’s :smiley:

Lots of love
Mel x

Well done Mel, that’a a great idea. Merry Christmas hun!

Hi Rachel, i was just thinking about you today. It must be almost a year since your surgery. i think the first year is the most difficult to cope with. Hope you are well and have a lovely xmas. love jill xxx