Just a topic to vent & sympathise..

Hi all,


just wanted to to create a topic to moan and vent with some people who know what a nuisance this all is. Basically, I’ve had 2 loop excision for CIN 2 two years apart. Each time was preceded by bleeding after sex. On top of that I also have PCOS and whilst having my last loop, found out I had a thickening of the endometrium but the cells were atypical so watch and wait... 

anyway my bleeding is a nightmare is constant, never really stops and if it does it’s only for 2 weeks at a time but it’s taken another turn recently and is orangey red light constantly but then o get waves of bright red. I have no idea what could be going on but I’m getting fed up of going lack and forth for people to dig around in my vagina!! Being a woman is horrendous. 

Im only 31 but sometimes I just think “ take it all, I’ve had enough!”

When the hell will it all settle down

wonder what it will be this time.... cervix, pcos, endometrial issues?! It’s like a no win lottery!!


Who’s with me!?!?! Lol....