Just a nip?

hi guys, had my LLETZ treatment yesterday, didn't have General as I was scared so they have me a spinal block and sedation !My smear came back as mild but high risk hpv had my colopscopy no biopsy taken just told Id have to come back for LLETZ treatment, consultant said it wasn't cancer! They also said cervix is high so would need it done in theatre, don't know the cin or anything :( anuway after the op yesterday she finished and said all was Ok? How can she know all is ok from the LLETZ? She also said she put a stitch in, I don't know why she did that, my partner said she hsd nipped my cervix in the treatment.. But has she??? Or has she taken a deeper samples? She didn't seem concerned after the op at all.. Wait for results and you'll be sent for in 6 mmoths for a smear! Totally confused as to whats going on :( sky x