jos trust CD

hi all,

i mentioned this idea a while ago but i really want to try and get this off the ground if we can.

i wanted to try and get a CD together of songs we all choose to raise awareness of cc and funds for jos (like what they have for breast cancer) does anyone have any ideas how to get this off the ground??
what songs would people like to have on the CD??

oh, i also wondered if the calendar idea was still going ahead??


There is a song by Omar Simon…its called One day…Jade feautured in the video for it before she fell very ill: I know this has been released and is raising funds but could be part of the compilation? :slight_smile:

Emma x

i don’t have much idea about how to get something like that off the ground but i’m definitely happy to help in any way i can, i think its a great idea. As for songs, i’m not much good at that either but maybe ‘here come the girls’ as an idea, although know that might be a bit cheesy LOL

anyway, count me in on doing anything i can to help. jenny xxxx

Oooh grand idea missy!
As for ideas for songs, gotta be motivational…but of course has to SELL SELL SELL. gets media hat on. Maybe it might be an idea to find out what celeb friends Jade had to get some celeb endorsments? Like…who did she have play at her wedding? BUT the danger with involving them is that some may think it’s a Jade tribute album…which would be lovely but I feel would miss the point of raising awareness. BUT the Jade angle could be the only way to get celebs involved. What thinks yous?

Hi girls,

Claire im so useless I promised i would find out didnt I?! I know Paul spoke to one of his band members about this and I remember him saying theres lots of red tape around doing such things coz of licences, royalities etc…

I’ll try and extract some more info from him on this, and get back to you. Maybe if i speak to him very nicely he can write us our very own song (hes VERY talented lol!)

Paula xx


I think the calender idea could be easier me thinks…

deffo still could do the cd…

Mellissa x

I think the CD is a great idea but I think Paula is right - it is expensive to produce and there’s a lot of red tape these days as music companies protect their own.

Watch this space though - I am working on the calendar idea.

Z x

What is the idea for the calendar?

I dont know much about music but would guess the cd would be difficult unless anyone knows someone within the industry

Hi honey…I put a thread up a while ago asking for people’s music requests…things that could itunes and put on my own cd compilation.
I compiled a list of everyones songs alogside their user names which I still have if its of any use to you??
Obviously selling, copyright blah blah blah would be a problem…You’d have to contact a record label to see if they were willing to produce it…they would deal with all of the copyright issues too x x


Hi Julia (posting this for the 2nd time - don’t know what happened a few mins ago but sorry if you see the same thing twice)…


No Woman No Cry is my absolutely favourite song ever. In fact, in darker days, I’d planned to have it at my “celebration of life”… xx

We were in Jamaica for the 3rd time last year and visited the house where Bob Marley was born and where he is also buried… the song was playing while we were there and it was SO emotional.

I really hope you are doing well.

Love Janie xx (am about to copy this message before I submit it this time…!!! )))