Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Pelvic Radiation Damage Film

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust will be commissioning a short 3 minute film about women who are suffering from pelvic radiation damage (this is also called late effects).

The film will feature 2 or 3 women who will talk about their experiences of pelvic radiation damage and we will also interview a medical expert too. It will be used on our website ( and will be also placed on YouTube.

This film is the start of a much bigger project. In the next few months we will be launching a national survey to investigate how pelvic radiation is affecting women and next year we will be adding information about this important subject to our website.

We would like your feedback on what to include in the film. The questions in this survey will help to make the film. It is a very short survey and should take you less than ten minutes of your time. 

This survey is open to anyone that has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and had pelvic radiotherapy. 

Take our survey:

Many thanks in advance for your help