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Help with work and pregnancy Hi guys, I am 6 months in to my recovery from the radical trachelectomy, if all goes to plan I will be able to start trying for a baby soon and then possible ivf (yaaay) as we had fertility issues before! Anyway, I am a hairdresser and I've read a lot about needing bed rest whilst pregnant and as I'm stood on my feet for 9 hours a day + getting home and making dinner etc, I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar boat and had changed jobs or stayed and have managed? We tried for a baby for 4 years before my cc was found so when I fall pregnant of course the baby really is main priority over everything yet I need to work to be able to support the baby!!! Help please if possible xx

Hi Bxymae

I am thinking that this query is more to do with pregnancy and juggling life/baby balance rather than cervical cancer, so it might be better for you to find a Pregnancy Forum on the internet. This forum is of course always here if you have queries relating to your cervical cancer recovery etc. It's just that as you know, a lot of women are unable to conceive after their cervical cancer treatment, and it is a bit sensitive for women to discuss pregnancy and baby etc here. 

Great news that you will be able to start trying soon and best wishes!



Hi starlight, 

i completely agree and I'm so sorry if I've upset anyone or offended anyone 

sending lots of love to everyone xx

Hi Starlight, I'm very very sorry to jump in here, just wanted to say that maybe "fertility" room of the forum is exactly the place to discuss these issues for girls after trachelectomy. There are nit many cases in the books, doctors opinions are very different and the risk of miscarriage during 2nd trimester is so high due to cervical cancer history and the op... The pregnancy forums just don't have this competency 

sorry again for sharing my opinion this openly, but Jo's was such a help in the past and in this section there were quite a lot if girls sharing this experience of pregnancy post trachelectomy...


in any case i wish all best of luck in any situation 

Hi Bxymae

i have a one year old daughter who was delivered at 32 weeks having had a trachelectomy 4 years ago leaving me with A couple of MM of cervix left. 

Although you may not need 'bed rest' I was advised to take it easy after about 24 weeks and my personal choice was to leave work and sit with my feet up for most of the day. it really is different for everyone.  easy for me to say but try not to worry about it until the time and see how the pregnancy progresses. 

I also had IVF so please do let me know if you have any questions. 

All the best xxx


Hi everyone

I just wanted to clarify that this section of the forum is for questions and discussion on fertility for those treated for cervical abnormalities and early stage cervical cancer. 

We have deliberately taken the decision to separate the forum out into separate categories to reflect the range of issues and concerns that the women of this community face. This allows people not only a greater choice on what they post about but also greater choice in what they read. It is extremely important that women who have gone through early stage treatments are able to talk about their experiences with fertility and similarly that women who have lost their fertility also get to express their concerns.

Therefore, please be reassured Bxymae that you are in the right place to talk about this. Smile

Best wishes


Hi Bxymae,

I'm recovering from a radical trachelectomy that I had two months ago and my consultant and the doctor involved seemed to be very positive about trachelectomy's resulting in successful pregnancies and births. In fact they seemed so positive that I felt like they were actively encouraging me to go get pregnant!

The consultant I had stressed the risks involved, which I'm sure you know about, the increased risk of miscarriage especially later term and I remember reading that one woman went and got her cervical stitch looked at quite early on in her pregnancy to check that it was still had maximum hold. It does seem from what I've read (no personal experience but a lot of reading) that doctors etc. advise you to take it very easy later in the pregnancy. It's a case of making sure you can do everything possible to keep the pregnancy going for as long as possible. 

It does seem like its a roll of a dice but it doesnt appear to all be negative. As your job is quite an active one with lots of standing you will need your doctor to advise at that stage how much work you can do, you will probably be on the 'high risk' list and monitored a lot regardless!

I'm in HR and so if you have any questions relating to maternity leave, appointments whilst pregnant, taking maternity leave or having it enforced early then please PM me and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Thank you Gerry for your very lovely reply. I have spoken to my consultant and I am able to work up until 28 weeks at the salon! After that I will need to start my maternity leave early xx