I did exactly the same, it was about two and a half weeks afterwards as I had no bleeding after the actual procedure. Just discharged and it had all settled down so gathered I would be fine. Bit silly and naive I know. I didn't bleed straight sway but the next morning I knew it was bad because it was ridiculously heavy, rang the GP and they said unless You're filling more than 1 pad an hour if should be ok and the elevate your legs and try to rest etc (not easy with children). I had to go and be checked and I was put on antibiotics and some tablets to reduce the bleeding. It then took a long time to heal. So annoyed with myself for not resisting longer Lol. X

Hi kate. thank you for messaging back! Yeah I feel very silly now but I kinda thought it may of just been a precaution when they tell you not to but generally you'd be fine. I guess I was just a bit blasé about the whole thing until now. I am bleeding even more heavily today, passing very small clots every time I stand up having the change my pad quite often and suffering quite annoying cramps. Very difficult to rest with the children as they are only very young 2+3.  Did you experience this? I am quite certain it is my period so I'm trying not to worry. May go to the doctors if it gets any worse. How long did it take for you to heal if you don't mind me asking? Xxx

Yeah my little one is 3 so couldn't really relax, as far as I remember I did have cramps to but they weren't like period cramps they were more twinges from my cervix area. The heavy bleeding subsided quite quickly but took a good couple of weeks to stop completely and left the sex for a good month after that to make sure it didn't happen again. It's very hard to know wether it's your period or not though every time I bled after I was paranoid. I had my follow up smear yesterday and started bleeding immediately but I was due on anyway so not entitlrley sure. Leave it amother day and go and see the gp or ring the colposcopy clinic and ask for some advice :) let me know how you get on xx