IVF for surrogacy after Radical Hysterectomy. Adoption query

Hi I just wondered if anyone has had IVF after a radical hysterectomy? Last year I was diagnosed with stage 2b CC I had a rad. Hysterectomy & then 5 weeks of chemo-radiotherapy.
I tried IVF before the operation but did not produce any eggs. Following chemo/radiotherapy I have started the menopause.
My husband & I are desperate for our own family so I wondered if it is still possible to try IVF again, if I might still produce eggs? I have not started HRT yet as trying to hold off as long as I can.
Otherwise has anyone tried surrogacy with an egg donor?
We called the adoption agency but they said I would have to be at least 3-5years all clear. I am 34 and we were already trying for children I feel like our dreams have been shattered and I don’t want to give up without a fight.
Any help or advice greatly appreciated!!