IVF after RT

Hi ladies,


im im currently having my first IVF short cycle. I'm on day 8 of my injections and had a scan this morning. The doctor said my follicles are to small currently to plan egg collection so I have a few more days of injections and another scan on Monday.


im so fed up with it all now I just want it over one way or another. I had my RT back in 2007 and had no luck trying naturally, then had 2 rounds of IUI with nothing and now the IVF. We have had to pay for everything we have had done. 


This is is my first and last IVF attempt and then I'm closing the chapter. 

hi Lizzy,

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a tough time of it with the IVF. I had RT in 2010 and also no luck conceiving so I have recently been referred to a fertility specialist for tests etc. before they will refer me on for further treatment. If you don't mind me asking, how comes you are having to pay for everything? Do you already have a child/children?


Amy x

Lizzy I know it's hard but keep going...I hope a few extra days will do the magic and you have some good eggs. I know is very stressing going through if so much could go wrong. I had RT in 2011 and had ivf Sep 14. This year Jan first frozen cycle and on 1st of May another one as no success yet...I have my embryo transfer always under GA as they can't find the opening and have use a needle to place the emryo. I'm on NHS have you not try have ivf on NHS?

Good luck. Hope you will have better news soon.

Hi girls


when I went to see a fertility specialist they told me, because I have no cervix the sperm can not make it past that point and it all comes out ( sorry TMI) 


i was on a little bit of a downer the other day and was fed up with it all. I had egg collection on Thursday , and they managed to get 14 eggs. The day after they told us 9 had fertilised. I was supposed to go in this morning for embryo transfer, but they called me first thing to say there was no 1 egg that was better than the other. So there waiting until Tuesday to now see which is the best.




they said I now have 4 good quality eggs that have developed in to 8 cells and 1 that has developed in to 9 but the quality is not as good. The other 4 didn't make it.

yes I pay for my treatment as my husband and I have a 10 year old son. We had him naturally!!

good luck ladies xx

That is such great news! It is fab that they have so many eggs ready. I will keep everything crossed over the next two weeks. Look on the bright side if the only problem is the fact that there is almost a barrier into your womb once the doctors get past that you are in a great position to let nature take its course. You have done it before, you can do it again. I am very excited for you xxxx

Thank you Amy that's really kind of you. I know I'm already so lucky to have Joshua so if it is not meant to be then we still have a happy future. 

I just wish that everyone had as much luck as I feel I have had. It must be so hard for the woman who are having fertility treatments and do not already have a child like I do!! 

Im just expecting a call this morning for my appointment time for tomorrow.

where are you in your treatment Amy? Xx

I know, I always think that too. The fact that I am looking into fertility rather than more cancer treatment is a blessing in itself. I never forget that. 

I am waiting for an op date so they can access my womb under GA to check my tubes. A HYCOSY was impossible as the opening was so small. I have had the TVS, blood test etc so this is the last check. If all is well they will try Artifical insemination then IVF. So I suppose I am still at the beginning. I only started this journey in Januarary. 

I hope THE phone call happened today and the wheels are in motion. I oftern say "give god a laugh and tell him your plans" so on that basis the best thing you can do is relax, sit back and go with this. Hopefully this is your time. I will keep sending you positive vibes xxxx

Hi Amy,

do you know why the opening is small? I remember when I had IUI they had to make sure they could get easy access with the catheter. Fortunately it was ok and was only a little uncomfortable.

where are you having your treatment?? I'm in Leeds. I hope they get all the checks done for you soon, I know you just wish time away!

i did get the call this afternoon, my appointment is 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. There going to call me in the morning to let me know how the embryos are.. Ahh bloody hell it never ends does it.

2 week wait and then I'm done. Please keep me updated with how you get on Hun, and I really do have everything crossed for you. Apart from my legs haha xxxxxx

Ha ha, can't believe you are done and dusted reading this. How exiting is that! I am

in London but I'm originally from the north east. They didn't say why it was so small, probably just the way I recovered frim the op etc. They are going to try and stretch it and do another trial embryo transfer. Got my pre op 26/05 so op will probably be in the next month or so.

Right the next two weeks are going to be extra hard but i suggest lots of cinema visits, box set watching and general socialising. Make the most of your free time.


Please keep me posted. Also drop me a line if you ever feel it is getting to you xxx


Yep all done Amy!!! Transfer went fine although the embryo had not yet formed in to a blastasist which they would have preferred.


they said they would contcact me today if they could freez any of my other eggs. But not had a call so I'm guessing not. One way or another the next 2 weeks will give me closure on this, can not wait to know either way!

are you excited about having the investigations done!! Just brings you one step closer doesn't it.. I will PM you with my e mail and you can let me know how your doing. I have a cinema trip booked in for this weekend and lots of other nice things if the weather gets better. Xx

Hi Lizzy,

How are things with you? Have had my fingers crossed for you...xx