I've never even heard of HPV??


I had my first smear test, and have been sent a letter saying im HPV positive.

No information? everything ive googled has me spinning

If I start anew relationship am I supposed to say i’m HPV positive now??

where do i go from here?
i feel dirty, like ive done something wrong.

anyone with any advice would be really appreciated

Please read the other threads on here, and the Jo’s Trust information. This is common, please don’t panic.

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I’m 45 years old and I heard the word HPV here and there, but paid no attention. Well my last Pap I had I was 19. About a week later my gyno calls and says I had abnormal cells, they need to do another test. I said yeah right I’m not doing that again. In Spring of 2021 I started having wonky periods and large blood clots. I started wearing pads because of urine and discharge. One day my hubz rushed me to ER cuz blood was pouring out of me. Later that night I found out I had HPV 16 which caused stage 3 cervical cancer.

Have you been treated now, Ilovejoey? Hopefully all is well now if you were diagnosed in the Spring of 2021. I hope so, anyway!

My tumor was wrapped around my left ureter, so I had to get a nephrostomy tube and stent inserted into my left kidney. The tumor was pushing my urine back into my kidney and I was close the kidney failure. After that I had 5 weeks of radiation 5 days a week, combined with Jumbo dose of chemo once a week. After that i was supposed to have 5 sessions of brachytherapy, but it didn’t sit right in my cervix. So I had a different type of targeted radiation. So, now it was just waiting time for my scan. About a month into waiting I started getting air bubbles out of my vagina and some brown discharge. I got a colovistular fistula.(poo leaking from colon out through vagina). I have my MRI in the meantime. On December 27th I found out I’m cancer free!!! A few days later I find out I need a colostomy bag, to give my fistula a chance to heal. I get home from that surgery and I started having UTI symptoms and have to wear diapers becuz urine is involuntarily pouring out of my vagina. It was worse than chemo and radiation. The urgency and the tension on my body every time my brain forced my self to urinate. Finally get to urologist. I have another fistula. This one is a quarter size hole in my bladder!! So, I had to get a nephrostomy tube in my right kidney. This is the short version of the story. And also my husband has stage 3 rectal cancer that he’s been battling for 3 years. He has never been cancer free and this is after three surgeries ,two rounds of radiation and two rounds of chemo.

Hi akate

As Jacks has suggested read the other threads about HPV - they can be found by searching on ‘HPV’ - top right. Most relevant threads will be those dated from 2019 as that’s about the time HPV primary screening was introduced.

Having HPV doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong or that you’re dirty; it’s a very common virus and about 80% of women will get it at some time in their lives.


Oh my goodness, you have been through the mill and back again. I’m glad you’re cancer free but the other outcomes sound horrendous - I am so sorry. Your poor husband is still battling on too. You’ve had the most awful cancer journey so far and I do hope things start to improve if the fistulas can heal. Your story will certainly encourage others that screening and smears are important and that treatments for CIN are actually a godsend, as they can prevent cancer from developing. I hope they can sort out your kidneys and your husband can finally beat his rectal cancer. All here on the forum will be hoping for some improvement for you. X