I've just been diagnosed

Hi I’ve just had the news that I wasn’t expecting. I thought the loop treatment would have gotten rid of the cancer as my specialist thought it had and I would possibly just need another follow up repeat treatment.

Today I received the news that the cancer is at a higher stage (unsure which until tomo am) they have said I am curable but how can they know this before I have an mri and ct scan?

I have been told I need to have a hysterectomy but they don’t know about anything else at the minute.
I’m a single mum to my amazing 14yr old son and right now feeling all the emotions under the sun.

Just looking for other people’s experiences


Hi @Coomie84 !

Welcome to the club that nobody wants to be a member of. I’ve had those horrible feelings. I’m sure all of us here have.

Believe what the experts are telling you. Focus on that wonderful word ’ curable ’

My cancer is curable, even though I cant have a hysterectomy. I have the lovely Chemoradiation to look forward to.

Theres no point in me saying not to worry. You will, it’s natural.
Write down some questions to ask your doctor tomorrow. Take back a little bit of control.
We’re all here to chat if you need us.
Let is know how you get on .

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I’m sorry to hear your news :purple_heart: Shammy is right - if the doctors say you are curable, believe them! They have treated hundreds of women in the same position as us, and are experts at what they do. Since you will be getting a hysterectomy they must be confident that the tumour hasn’t left the cervix, and is fairly small. But you’re right, they will confirm this with MRI and CT scans. Wishing you all the best!

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Thankyou so much for replying I’m so scared of catching covid and having to put off appointments when I get them I work in a primary school and there are loads of kids off with it now and some staff too xx

@Coomie84 I work as a 1-1 in a School also. My GP signed me off immediately because of Covid. Good job she did as it’s in the class I should be working in.

I did speak to my consultant about Covid, as I’m vaccinated she told me not to worry. That theyve carried on as usual throughout.

I would speak to you GP for advice. Until then, mask up, and just wash your hands, take precautions. But most importantly don’t panic.

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Are you? It’s in my class at the minute too, I have been tonight for a pcr test as my nerves are a wreck. I will call my gp tomo and see what they say, I’m due my flu vaccine on Monday aswell in school my heads running at 100mph I’m sure I’m not the only one though

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Its very scary indeed. N. Ireland is really getting it bad atm.

Definitely let your concerns be known to your GP and your boss. Have you been assigned a Cancer Nurse/Macmillan Nurse? Or even use thier helpline for advice. The services are there to help you and ease your mind.
I’m also always available by private message if you want. I’ll chat anytime to you.

@Shammy716 thankyou so much I’ve only just signed up and have no clue what I’m doing on here yet

I’ve spoken to the cancer nurse this morning and I’ve been staged at 1b. They are confident my scans are only routine and won’t show anything untoward. But given they’ve reassured me twice now and I’ve had bad news I’m scared to trust that.
They hope I’ll have my scans withing the next 3 weeks and looking at surgery around Nov for the rh

I’ve been advised to get signed off work though with covid being such a high risk in my school at the minute

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That’s very reassuring @Coomie84. Believe what they tell you, they’ve done this thousands of times. I agree with the work thing, hopefully your GP supports you! Mine was fab. She also gave me something for the severe depression it was causing and something to help me sleep. Dont be afraid to ask if you’re feeling this way. These circumstances cause all sorts of emotional turmoil.

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@Shammy716 thankyou just speaking about it is helping. I’m trying to stay positive for my son too as he is going to have to deal with my surgery and not having me at home for a fee days.

I already take medication for anxiety I’ve suffered with it for years since I lost my dad to a rare form of blood cancer.

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Telling the kids is difficult. I’ve told my older 3 children, they’re 22,16 and 15. Theyve taken it very well. I emphasised the magic word- curable.
My youngest is 10, we’ve chosen not to mention it just now. However she knows Mummy has a sore ’ baby basket ’ as we call it and I’ll have to go to the hospital every day for medicine to make it better. That medicine will make me tired and sore but that means it’s working. I think it depends on you knowing your child and how best to word it. Also Macmillan have advice on telling children and counselling etc if they need it.
If you want to PM me… just click on my name, it should bring up the message option.

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Hello I’m new here, I’m terrified, I went to the doctor with a couple of spots of blood, they did a smear which was way overdue and saw something on my cervix, I had coloscopy the following week and biopsy she said it looked like high risk cancer, booked me in for mri and ct scan while I was still in the office, still no biopsy results after 9 days and have a ct scan next Friday, the only symptoms I’ve had is a spot of blood and a small amount while wiping, and some pelvic pain and most of that was due to a cervix infection, I’m frightened it’s gone to far and I can’t be helped

Hi @Dawnann62,
I’m sorry that your circumstances have brought you here. There’s no point in me saying calm down, breathe etc etc. I’ve been in a similar situation to you and its terrifying. I still have moments of that terror.
It’s all very confusing and a lot to take it. 1st advice would be dont google. The facts are outdated and always worst case scenario. Stick to Macmillan and here.
You will feel more in control when you have more facts and whatever those facts are we’ll help you through it. The ladies here are amazing. I’m still new here, so still in the process of it all- but I’ll help if I can.

Take care. :purple_heart:

Hi thank you so much for replying it’s nice to know I am not alone and can talk to people in the same situation x


Hi all,

I had the dreaded call in July. It came completely out of the blue as I had forgotten about having the smear.
You can’t explain the fear, confusion and emotion that being given that information creates.
I did the same as most people I guess, straight onto the Internet reading everything from you can be completely cured to the unthinkable.

I had my coloscopy and prayed it would be clear. I asked the Dr if it was cancer and she said there was a small chance.

My husband made me focus on one day at a time but the best thing he did for me was ban me reading all of the information on the Internet as I was slowly driving myself insane. I couldn’t see the positive no matter how much I read. All that I could see was the bad. Once I stopped reading it was so much better. This site is wonderful and the people who work in this area of expertise fantastic. They have the support and answers for us.

I ended up with a radical hysterectomy including my lymph nodes. Not great but it managed to hopefully remove it all and I am very grateful for a second chance. I’m now 8 weeks post operative and getting there.

I guess what I am saying is try your very best to stay as focused and positive on the facts and not let speculation win. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask any questions (even about sex) they have heard it all before and write down questions as you think of them.

Finally one hurdle at a time. This is your future, it’s time to put you first for awhile, you deserve it
and others will support you on your way. This is a marathon not a sprint. You can do this xx

My very best wishes to you xxx


@DEB2 thankyou for sharing your journey so far. I’m trying to stop reading as much about things I now stick to Mcmillan and here. My nurse sent me some booklets out in the post today so I’ve had a look at them.

I know I need to focus on what they say but I can’t shake the what if feeling…the lletz I have had done has clear borders and they don’t expect any surprises as it was put from my scans

The surgery itself is scaring me too being away from my son and then not being able to look after him and do the school run etc I am very independent so this loss of control will be so hard.

How was the surgery for you?

Thanks so much xx

@Dawnann62 have you had any results yet? I’m still waiting for my scan appointments to come which is so frustrating waiting really is the hardest part

Take care :purple_heart:

The loss of control can be difficult.But at the end of the day, there’s still nothing you can do about that either!I’ve always tried to embrace the changes in my life and accept them for what they are.Things will change again, and then you’ll have more control again.Appreciate the small things in life.

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Hello I’ve had my biopsy results this morning not good news it’s cancer, don’t know what stage yet, had ct today and mri due on Thursday, to say I’m frightened is an understatement, I feel really well I’m in little pain and no bleeding it dosnt make sense x