Ive been very unlucky

Hello my lovely friends. I’ve been very very unlucky. Please dont think it’ll happen to you.

So my PET results are in. Its shows cells lighting up in my nodes ( not sure which ones exactly) and in my lungs.
I start next week on Carboplatin Paclitaxel and Avastin. 6 rounds - 3 weekly. Bye bye hair!

Im still in shock. Trying to process things. Ive requested to be part of the advanced part of the forum.
Keep fighting girls xx


Oh Shammy I can’t believe it I don’t know what to say. You started treatment just after me our staging was the same and we both had adenocarcinoma we kept each other going. You are strong and positive and you’ll get through it. We all know when we start this that further treatment may be required. You can do this, i know you’re going onto the other forum but please keep in touch.
Take care :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

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Oh i fully intend to support others as much as I can !!! Im going nowhere fast :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I guess if you want to look foe the good in the bad situation, there are many now in remission from similar and worse. Its a shock - but Im stubborn!


Its the only way to be!!

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Oh Shammy I am so so sorry but there is still so much they can do. I had my three month results which showed no active cancer anywhere but when I was first diagnosed they saw a tiny nodule on my lung which they are now monitoring every three months and has shown a small area of scarring. They say it is not worrying but… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I know one thing, you are strong and fit and they have responded quickly. Please keep us posted, we are all 100% with you! xxx

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@Shammy716 so very sorry to read your post. I have been thinking of you all day. Sending lots of love :two_hearts:


@Shammy716 I’m so sorry that you’ve been so unlucky. As you know I had nodes light up 1 year posts treatment and although its certainly not the news you wanted by any means it is still treatable. It just means more treatment and a longer road but you will get there. You sound strong and brave. You got this.


Thank you ladies. I just dont know why the doc was very doom and gloom. She was very negative in her manner. Cancer nurse was more positive though. Ive been reading of quite a few still going strong many years later!

Yes of course there are loads of women beating this. My oncologist was gloomy too and really negative but I think its just their way…he was equally gloomy when my scan was clear! Don’t read too much into that. Go spoil yourself!

I wish there was a crying motif as well as a heart. We are with you, Shammy. You simply have to beat this. Xxxx


I’m so sorry to hear this Shammy. But you’re a strong one and you got this. Sending you love and prayers. Xx

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Sending you so much love and healing hugs. I have faith that you will be ok, don’t think about your oncologist too much, although I’m from another country I’m starting to think oncologists come off as a little bit cold and pessimistic simply because of their hard job. I had 5 infusions of the chemo mix so if you have any questions about that please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keeping you in my prayers


So sorry to hear this Shammy. I’m sure this next lot of chemo will kick it up the bum. As you say, it works incredibly well for lots of women. I’ve admired your positivity and strength on this journey and will continue to do so :heart: :muscle:

I’m so sorry.

Love your attitude. Go get it and kill the f**ker.



Ive had an ugly cry day. Then my amazing GP rang and went through it all a bit more. It has settled me somewhat.

The lymphnodes that lit up are in my pelvis. The lung part is tiny nodules that have had ‘uptake’
She says the road will be bumpy as hell but I will get through it. Im a bad tempered stubborn *&^%# !!! Strong- determined and fit.


It sounds like the original site is still clear which is good?..I promise once you are over the initial shock and have had time to process you will feel better.

No there is a small spot within the cervix too. :woman_facepalming: but everything is small.

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@Shammy716 ahhhh lovely I’m sorry to hear the scans were so shi@!!!
You’ve totally got this though!! So glad your GP called and put your mind at ease somewhat xx

I am sorry to hear this, can’t imagine how difficult the last few days have been for you. I was diagnosed with stage 4 myself last month and am going through the same treatment you’ve got lined up so just wanted you to know I’m here if you had any questions or needed any support. I love your attitude and no doubt you will be tougher and more stubborn than this horrible bugger.

Laura x

A positive way of looking at it if the MRI hadn’t shown a change or they thought it was just scar tissue you would never have got pet scan and then it may not have been found until symptoms developed. So in one way good that the MRI showed something and they followed up with pet scan. As you say Shammy the areas in lung and pelvic nodes are tiny so much easier to deal with. You only had pet scan 6 months ago and all clear then so the strong stuff will sort it out once and for all!!

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